Comme une Française: The secret to French people speaking too fast

Understanding French is really hard! French people speak so fast! It looks like they’re even cutting letters out of their words! Well, you know what? They really do. So let’s try to understand real, everyday (fast) spoken French. Today, I’m going to show you how French people cutting the “e” sound out of common words. You’ll even get to practice it yourself. That way, when it’s time to use your French — in a French conversation group, for example, or when talking to a Parisian waiter — you’ll be better prepared to talk about what you want, and not get lost in the endless confusion of “what did you say?”Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

Comme une Française: Using “incorrect” French to sound friendlier

Want to sound less like a robot or textbook and more like an authentic French speaker? There are certain unwritten spoken French “rules” you’ll need to learn first – starting with this easy fix! Here’s something your high school French teacher probably never told you: if you’re using the full “ne… pas” in a French conversation, you’ll sound formal and stilted. I know you’ve been taught to use these words in any negative sentence, but in modern spoken French we typically drop the “ne”. Allow me to explain more, with examples, in today’s lesson.

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

Comme une Française: Memorizing vs. Understanding

If you’re here watching this video, it means you want to learn to speak better French. But if you’ve been studying and practicing for any amount of time, you’ve already realized by now that there’s a difference between merely speaking French and actually “getting” real French. If you want to sound more authentic when speaking French, and if you want to better understand REAL, modern French conversation… today’s compilation video is for you. These are my most popular “insider” French ticks that will help you truly get better at speaking and understanding everyday French.

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

Comme une Française: What NEVER to say in French

Does that French word really mean what you think it means? That’s what we’ll explore in today’s lesson. I’m sure that you’ve heard or seen these French words and phrases before, and they DO belong in French vocabulary… but they are often misused by non-native speakers in everyday French conversation. In this compilation of some of my most popular videos, I’ll introduce you to 5 words that are commonly misused in French and explain why you should NEVER say them when speaking yourself. Let’s dive in!

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

Comme une Française: Can you understand these Normandy facts?

Bonjour! This week, I thought we’d do something a little different. I’m currently visiting Haute-Savoie, near the French border with Switzerland… and I thought I’d take you on a little journey with me through Normandy. Let’s have some fun and test your French oral comprehension as we discover some interesting tips about this region of France. Have you ever visited Normandy before? Let me know in the comments! Géraldine

Comme une Française: Practice Conversation with a Real French Teacher

One of my BIGGEST goals is to help you feel more confident in your ability to speak French – and that only comes with practice! So, in today’s lesson, I want to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to some French conversation basics. With these sentences, you’ll be able to sound more fluent when conversing in French, and eventually move on to longer, more detailed conversations. Let’s practice together. Pause the video and repeat after me! It’ll be like we’re having a real French conversation together 🙂