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Pomme in live session at Paris’ La Cartonnerie

Awarded at the Victoire de la musique this year, the young singer Pomme takes over La Cartonnerie for an intimate session!Between Paris and Montreal, the 24-year-old author, composer and performer unveils pop-folk music in a melancholy atmosphere.

Discovered three years ago with her album ” À propos”, her project comes to life on stage when she meets her audience during a tour of over 300 concerts. Back in 2019 with her new album “Les failles” then during her reissue entitled “Les Failles Cachées” in February 2020, the singer takes us into her sensitive and refined universe. Behind his guitar, Pomme recounts his doubts and his wounds using writing as real therapy.

At La Cartonnerie in Paris, Pomme performs the songs “La lumière”, “Les cours d’eau” and “Soleil soleil” live!

Watch the concert at: Apple in live session at La Cartonnerie – streaming video | France tv

Music History in the here and now

In the latest of her Global Music Match dispatches, The Magpies’ Holly Brandon meets up with Canadian trio VISHTEN, whose music thrillingly combines a rich cultural heritage with contemporary rock

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALISTS Emmanuelle and Pastelle LeBlanc and Pascal Miousse — Vishten — have been dazzling audiences with a fierylend of traditional French songs and original instrumentation for over a decade.

The name Vishten is a nod to the eponymous song whose lyrics are a percussive amalgam of French, Mi’kmaq and English, a musical realisation of the band’s fascinating Acadian heritage.

For millennia Acadia, a region in north-eastern North America, was occupied by the Mi’kmaq people. It was colonised by the French in 1604, hence the strong Francophone influence in the songs, while subsequent settlers from Ireland and Scotland left their Celtic stamp on the music

In the 1750s, following the British conquest, the Acadians’ refusal to swear allegiance to the British crown resulted in a deportation that saw the expulsion of almost 12,000 Acadians to the British-American colonies further south. When they returned, they added their newfound US influences to the Acadian musical melting pot. Continue reading “Music History in the here and now”

ANALYSIS: Is France heading back into lockdown?

Health minister Olivier Véran says that tougher measures cannot be excluded. Photo: AFP

Until the last few days Emmanuel Macron, Jean Castex and members of their government insisted that a second nationwide “confinement” would be economically and socially and educationally catastrophic. It must be avoided at all costs.The government’s tone has changed somewhat, despite the tough, regionally-varied restrictions imposed last week. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, said on France 2 TV on Thursday that the country could face the same kind of crisis which forced the first Covid-19 lockdown in March if people did not start to behave more responsibly.The health minister, Olivier Véran, said on Sunday that the government “does not want to close down the country” but tougher, nationwide restrictions for the late October school holidays or Christmas “could not be excluded”.


A group of seven senior doctors wrote in the Journal du Dimanche that harsh measures were needed immediately if France was to avoid a second wave of the virus which would be worse than the first. On present trends, they claimed, the number of Covid patients entering intensive care would match the late March-early April peak – about 650 a day – by the end of October and “could reach 1,200 a day by mid-November”. Continue reading “ANALYSIS: Is France heading back into lockdown?”

The 10 heartiest French dishes to get you through winter – with recipes

As temperatures fall, it’s time to start culinary planning for the cold months ahead. Luckily France is the perfect country for it. Warning: Waistlines may expand.


Pot-au-feu is a mouthwatering stew of different kinds of meat, marrow bones and root vegetables. Preparation is easy but the stew needs to cook on low heat for quite some time. The meat, veggies and broth are served in separate dishes, accompanied by horseradish, spicy Dijon mustard and pickled gherkins. The bone marrow is spread on to toasted pieces of bread, but this may not be everyone’s cup of tea

Onion Soup

French onion soup is well known outside of France, and with good reason. It’s easy to make and it’ll definitely warm you up when it’s cold outside. There are a few different, but equally delicious, variations on the recipe. Some suggest a slice of bread on top while others are gratinéed to create a crusty layer of cheese.

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