The Impact of Coronavirus on Paris Restaurants

Coronavirus is changing the lives of people and businesses all around the globe. The hospitality industry, with its razor-thin margins, will be particularly impacted. Nowhere is that more true than in Paris, which has already suffered through a year of “yellow vest” and pension reform strikes and has been relying on the hope of a robust spring and summer in order to survive. After an already challenging year, few have any remaining buffer or savings to help them survive the period of mandatory (and necessary) closure.

The motto of Paris – Fluctuat nec mergitur “tossed by the waves but not sunk” – will be mightily tested in the coming months. We will be sharing the ways in which restaurants and their clients are innovating and trying to stay afloat, showing generosity in the face of uncertainty, and otherwise keeping hope alive. We may also be documenting and mourning some restaurant closures.

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Source: The Impact of Coronavirus on Paris Restaurants – Paris by Mouth

7 Foods To Mail Order For A Gastronomic Staycation

While gastronomic traveling is curtailed at the moment, you can still order specialties from different U.S. regions and European countries to enjoy at home.

Culinary travel has been on the rise in recent years as not just pleasure for the food obsessed but as a window into a destination’s culture.  With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic postponing nonessential travel, gastronomic excursions are on hold as well. But through the wonder of long distance delivery, iconic foods can come to the hunkered down at home as well. Some are offering free shipping now as well.

One of the great pleasures of a visit to the various U.S. states in the south is barbecue which varies in specialty/the primary meat used/sauce preparation by state. In Texas, it’s largely about beef and one of the most revered places to get it is The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas, a second generation operation known for its seared then smoked over coals brisket. But they also offer pork and beef ribs along with their vinegar based, cayenne and chili power spiced sauce. Available in the lower 48 U.S. states and the barbecue with arrive cryovaced and frozen with instructions for reheating. [ . . . ]

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COVID-19: France, Spain Shut Down; California Asks Wineries to Stop Tastings 

As COVID-19 cases exponentially increase in the U.S. and Western Europe, leaders impose rules on restaurants and bars in effort to decrease infection rates

Across the United States and Western Europe this past weekend, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to grow, spurring leaders to impose new restrictions to attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Less than a week after Italy’s government shut down almost all schools and businesses, asking citizens to self-quarantine, France and Spain followed suit.

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To ban or not to ban? What future for pesticides and GMOs in the EU?


French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume tells Catherine Nicholson why he believes a transition to lower-chemical farming is essential and how he thinks it can be achieved.

Meanwhile, Green MEP – and organic farmer himself – Benoît Biteau tells us why what he learnt converting his father’s farm to greener practices can be replicated.

In our reports, we meet some of the mayors who have banned pesticides around their towns and find out more about the conflict with the farming community. We also meet French farmers who are testing how to reduce their dependence on chemical pesticides


Source: To ban or not to ban? What future for pesticides and GMOs in the EU? (part 1) – Talking Europe