Why is cheese such a big deal?

As the French protect a precious gastronomic cultural heritage, picking your favourite cheese is all about sampling and tasting authenticity.

“Any French cheese is the result of a unique interaction between the environment, animals and human farming practices; that means a cheese originating from a particular area in France could only ever have been made in that place.

“And, you know, we French are a little bit proud of ourselves. We want to preserve our legacies.”

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The Cheese Nun

Mother Noella, of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, practices the sacred art of cheesemaking

“I didn’t even know cows before I came here,” she continued. “When you join an abbey, you get to try many things you never would have done. And I happened to fall in love with a cow named Sheba, and then learned to make cheese.” […]

Source: The Cheese Nun – CBS News

Apparently eating cheese could be the key to a longer life

Finally, some good news.

New research from Nature Medicine suggests that eating cheese could be the key to living longer.

That’s right. Cheese is what you need to live forever. The stuff you find on pizza, in toasties, and mixed into mac ‘n’ cheese. The light of your life. That stuff.

The study suggests that consuming spermidine, a compound found in aged cheese, could make you live longer.

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