Family Pictures | Maison Européenne de la Photographie 

Family is sacred and is often the first thing we capture on camera. And the Maison Européene de la Photographie is exhibiting candid family shots taken by many eminent artists. For example, Harry Callahan’s devotion for his wife Eleanor; who he photographed naked from all angles in magnificent chiaroscuro. Richard Avedon’s admiration for his father when he was suffering from cancer, is expressed in a series of seven modest and respectful portraits which nevertheless caused a scandal when they were exhibited for the first time at MoMA in 1974. [ . . . ]

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Reeperbahn rendezvous: the glorious dive bar photos of Anders Petersen 

“Lehmitz was the first thing I did seriously. It filled me up,” says Anders Petersen. “I really identified with these people and their situation, this group who were outside society. I respected them. I felt very strongly about them.”


Petersen’s photographs of Cafe Lehmitz and its customers – regulars in a Hamburg red-light-district dive at the fag end of the 60s – have long been among the most revered of photobooks. First published in 1978, Cafe Lehmitz became part of pop culture when Tom Waits used one as the cover of his 1985 Rain Dogs album.Almost five decades after the photos were shot, the Swedish photographer, now 72, has revised his Lehmitz archive for an exhibition in Paris of previously unseen images

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Robert Doisneau, the image of the poet – Cross

While a book and an exhibition devoted to the photographer, Arte offers a documentary in which her granddaughter Clementine Deroudille paints a tender of his grandfather portrait.

The photographer Robert Doisneau everyone knows Kiss of the town hall , its most iconic photograph, peacekeeper snapped up by the menacing mouth cabaret Hell, his melancholy portrait of Mademoiselle Anita , his school or distracted shooters bells, its maw of Parigots gleaned in bars with his friends Jacques Prévert or Robert Giraud.

Robert Doisneau

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