New French Films

Le Seveur (The Sower)
Directed by Marine Francen
Release in France : 15/11/2017

Back to Burgundy / Ce qui nous lie (2017)

Directed by : Cédric Klapisch
Produced by : Ce Qui Me Meut
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 53 min
French release: 14/06/2017
Production year: 2015
Jean left his family and his native Burgandy ten years ago to tour the world. When learning of his father’s imminent deat, he returns to his childhood home. There he reconnects with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie. Their father dies just before the beginning of grape picking time. Over the period of a year, according to the rhythm of the seasons that follow one after the other, these three young adults will rediscover or reinvent their fraternal relationship, blossoming and maturing at the same time as the wine they make.
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(2017) – Django (English Subs)

Directed by : Étienne Comar
Produced by : Arches Films, Curiosa Films, Moana Films
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 55 min French release: 26/04/2017
Production year: 2016
Paris, 1943. During the German Occupation, gypsy Django Reinhardt, a true hero of the guitar, is at the peak of his career. Every night he has Paris reeling to his swing music at the Folies Bergères, while his gypsy brethren are hunted down and massacred throughout Europe. When the German propaganda ministry wants to send him to Berlin for a series of concerts, he senses imminent danger and decides to flee to Switzerland with the help of one of his admirers, Louise de Klerk. He travels to Thonon-les-Bains, on the bank of Lake Geneva, with his pregnant wife Naguine and his mother Negros. But their escape is more complicated than anticipated. The three of them end up plunged in turmoil of World War 2. During these difficult times, Django Reinhardt remained an exceptional performer and composer, who resisted with his art and his sense of humor, constantly seeking a form of musical perfection. More info:…

Catch The Wind / Prendre le large (2017)

Directed by : Gaël Morel
Produced by : TS Productions
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 43 min
French release: 08/11/2017
Production year: 2017

Edith sees her life turned upside down when the factory where she has always worked is relocated to Tangiers, leaving the workers with a choice between unemployment and moving to Morocco to keep their jobs. Estranged from her son and without any ties, Edith is the only one to take up the factory’s offer. While her first days in the new factory and an unknown country are far from easy, she soon makes friends with Mina, the owner of the guest house where she is staying. Thanks to this friendship, Edith’s life takes a new turn.

Orchestra Class / La Mélodie (2017) – Trailer (French)

Directed by : Rachid Hami
Produced by : Mizar Films
Genre: Fiction
French release: 08/11/2017 Production year: 2016

Agnus Dei / Les Innocentes (2016) – Trailer (English Subs)

Directed by : Anne Fontaine
Produced by : Mandarin Production (ex- Mandarin Cinéma)
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 50 min
French release: 10/02/2016 Production year: 2016 Poland, December 1945.

A Polish nun asks Mathilde Beaulieu, a young Red Cross intern in charge of caring for French survivors before they are repatriated, to help her.  At first reticent, Mathilde finally accepts to follow the nun to her convent, where thirty Benedictine nuns live cut off from the world. She discovers that several of them who had been raped by Soviet soldiers are due to give birth. Little by little, complex relationships form between Mathilde, an atheist and rationalist, and the nuns, commited to the rules of their vocation, which danger, the clandestinity of the treatment, and new dramas will complicate even further. More info:…