Why You Should Binge-Watch “Plan Cœur” on Netflix – Frenchly

Netflix’s newest French addition, Plan Cœur, by Chris Lang and Noémie Saglio, has evoked a strong reaction (as expected) from the French audiences. The French have mostly ridiculed it as a binge-worthy, feel-good show (makes sense when most of their movies have far from happily-ever-after endings). But we would like to point out… what is so wrong with a binge-worthy, feel-good show?

A sort-of French take on Sex and the City, Plan Cœur (or The Hook-up Plan in English) focuses on the lives of three Parisians: Elsa, played by Zita Hanrot, Emilie (Milou), played by Joséphine Draï, and Charlotte (Chacha), played by Sabrina Ouazani, who each have their own struggles, daily battles, and inner conflicts. The main character, Elsa, has been chronically single for a while and still getting through a very rough breakup. Her friends, naturally, hire a male hooker to lift up her spirits. What happens after is a surprise for everyone [ . . . ]

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Netflix’s ‘To Each, Her Own’ Is An Ambitious, Overcomplicated French Film


Some movies are so thoroughly mediocre that you just want to yell at them to be better. That is the case with the French romantic comedy To Each, Her Own. The story is bursting with ideas, so many ideas, in fact, that it could’ve been something great. Instead, To Each, Her Own, much like its protagonist, wants it all. By trying to speak to so many ideas, the movie ends up saying very little. The ambition of director Myriam Aziza (who also co-wrote the script with Denyse Rodriguez-Tome) is admirable. However, her Netflix film badly needs someone who can rein in the unwieldy script [ . . . ]

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First Look At Anna Mouglalis As Paula Maxa  in “The Most Assassinated Woman In The World”

Hugely acclaimed French genre film producer Franck Ribiere (Inside, Livid, Cell 211, Malefique, Witching And Bitching, etc etc etc) steps into the director’s chair for upcoming thriller The Most Assassinated Woman In The World.

Set against the backdrop of the infamous Theatre Grand Guignol the story revolves around iconic actress Paula Maxa – the most famous of the Grand Guignol’s leading ladies and the titular Most Assassinated Woman, who was graphically slain on stage multiple times a day – played here by Anna Mouglalis [ . . . ]

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List of French TV Series Available on VOD Platforms

The Film Department has prepared a list of some of the best French TV series available on VOD platforms as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. With themes like sex (THE BORGIAS, MAISON CLOSE and VERSAILLES), murder, suspense (BRAQUO, THE BUREAU and WITNESSES), humor (CALL MY AGENT), and art, they are definitely worth a watch!

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