How Champs Elysees attack could swing the French presidential election

With the motives of the Champs-Elysées gunman considered terror-related, the timing just three days before the first round of the French presidential elections and during a prime time TV “debate” between all 11 official candidates clearly suggests that extremists are seeking to influence the tone of the debate – and perhaps its outcome [ . . . ]

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The Battle for France

Think what you will about America’s contentious identity politics; compared with France, the United States remains Mayberry, TV’s symbol of small-town innocence. We may have Black Lives Matter, massive resistance to a president seeking to enforce the country’s existing immigration laws, and urban riots. But in France the riots are bigger and last far longer. It has hundreds of thousands of people possessing French citizenship but evincing no discernible national loyalty. And there are few geographic barriers between itself and the sources of inundating immigration. No one can forecast with confidence the American future—whether it be a more or less successful assimilation of large streams of new immigrants or a transformed country where ethnic division is a norm underpinning every political transaction. But whatever the fate of Western civilization—whether [ . . . ]

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French papers react to Trump win: ‘American Psycho’ 

It’s all about Donald Trump’s election win in the French papers this Thursday. Left-wing daily Libération makes its stance clear by headlining with “American Psycho” and a sinister photo of the US president-elect. Many papers are also wondering what implications Trump’s shock victory could have on the far-right ahead of 2017 presidential elections here in France.


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Post Election “Hope”

Jain performs the song “Hope” for French TV. America has elected a fascist to lead the western world. Europe – please don’t follow us. Lead.

Hope you love
Hope you’re strong
Hope you will not get it wrong
Stop your bullshit, then make freak
Love is hard but it’s unique

I’m gonna need it
I’m gonna use it
I’m gonna need it
Yeah, I’m gonna use it

US election seen from France: America’s ‘angry white men’ – 

With Election Day tomorrow, we take a look at the French view of the US vote. France’s right-wing newspaper L’Opinion wonders how the USA – a country built on immigration – fell victim to “xenophobia and protectionism” while the left-wing Libération is alarmed at how Donald Trump has tapped into the USA’s “angry white men”. Join FRANCE 24 as we go through the day’s papers.

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