Pauline Croze announces the release of her album and the dates of her tour

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Pauline Croze returns with “After the Gray Hours”, her sixth album which will be released on October 8, 2021 and will run throughout the 21-22 season, with a Parisian date at Les Etoiles on November 17, 2021!

“After the Gray Hours” winds between fashions and sounds like the right balance between the charm of his first steps and period pop, where the song mingles with urban syncopations. An album composed between confinements, between lightness and self-analysis, which plays as much with forms as with double meanings. In a daring, intuitive style, she tackles the tremors of the contemporary world with distance and irony. A tour will follow the release of the album, with a Parisian date already announced at Etoiles on November 17, 2021. First extract, we discover the clip of “Solution”.

Whether she writes alone or not, Pauline Croze is part of each of the texts, her life is there which turns constantly. Surrounded by young, inspired and talented directors: Fils Cara, Nk.F (Damso, Orelsan), Romain Guerret (Aline, Alex Rossi), Charlie Trimbur (Eddy de Pretto) and Pierrick Devin (Phoenix, Lomepal). The only constants are the grace and subtlety that continue to dress her voice.

At the age of 24, she was revealed at the Transmusicales de Rennes, she then won the Sacem prize on the springboard of the Chorus festival and then performed in the first part of Miossec, M, Bernard Lavilliers, Lhasa or Cali. Beautiful people. Her first album released in is gold disc and allows her to be nominated for the Victoires de la Musique. “Do nothing”, her most recent album (2018) sounds like an oxymoron: Pauline Croze gives of her person, with voice and guitar, to tell the pains of the heart, the murmured dramas and the sun, there- low, which still shudders.

Source: Pauline Croze announces the release of her album and the dates of her tour! – Artistikrezo

Chanson Du Jour: “It Must Be Him”

Chanson Du Jour 10/17/206 Vikki Carr: “Que sea él” (It Must Be Him)

I’ve always loved the hilariously desperate song “It Must Be Him” performed by Vikki Carr. The song sold over 1 million copies in 1967 and millions more since.

Vikki Carr remains a very under-appreciated vocalist, one who gets unfairly lumped-in with her white bread contemporaries dominating that woeful/golden era of 1960s MOR (Middle of the Road) radio. rambler_wlkw

On trips in the Stevenson family station wagon, my dad would play this musical spam on the car radio, punching in the dreaded WLKW button, while we kids in the back seat begged for DJ Joe Thomas playing Beatles, Beach Boys and Motown on WICE. But alas – this was elevator music without doors that open and let you out.

It was in the back seat of the Pontiac Tempest, that I learned Vicki Carr sang ‘grown-up” music that I actually liked. Eventually I saw her perform on TV with Merv, Johnny and Mike, where she was always beautiful, charming, and singing brilliantly. Still later, I became the odd used record customer who purchased both Vikki’s Greatest Hits album AND Moby Grape’s groovy debut (sans “flipping the bird”) while shopping at In Your Ear. Has anyone else ever purchased these two records together? No? Hooray for me.

Born Florencia Bisenta de Casillas-Martinez Cardona before opting for the anglicized stage name,  Continue reading “Chanson Du Jour: “It Must Be Him””

La talentueuse JEANNE CHERHAL (chanteuse, auteure / compositrice / interprète et pianiste française). Le programme est constitué d’une interview par Coralie Biolay, suivie du concert « féerique » (avec des surprises sonores) de Jeanne, accompagnée de Marc Chouarain au theremin, celesta et Cristal Baschet.