Comme une Française: French People Never Say These!

Joyeux Noël! It’s easy enough to discover the translation of “Merry Christmas” in French, but as an Can you Have you ever wondered whether or not French fries are actually French? What about French manicures, or French windows? And then, of course, there’s those French-sounding expressions that have made their way into English, such as “la piece de resistance”. Would a REAL French person use them in everyday conversation? And, if not, what would they say instead? I’m setting things straight with today’s lesson. I’ll explain which of these words we actually use in France, versus which are “fake” French words that are rarely (or never) used by French people. You’ll learn which French words are making it very obvious that you’re a tourist or a non-native French speaker, and I’ll give you some new vocabulary to replace them so you can sound more authentically French! Did you learn something new in today’s lesson? Did I help you expand your French vocabulary? Let me know in the comments! Take care and stay safe.



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