Travel with Rick Steves: Best Chocolates in Europe & Holiday Travels

Rick Steves’ 12/17/2016 radio show left me in desperate need of a chocolate fix. Our upcoming summer trip to Brussels cannot come soon enough!

“Writers Jane and Michael Stern discuss wintertime comfort food served in America’s roadside restaurants, then food and culture expert Fred Plotkin explores the various kinds of chocolate available across Europe. And listeners share the experiences that made their Christmas vacations in Europe really special — plus we’ll hear how locals get into the Christmas spirit in Prague.”


Une cuillère d’amour!


Whenever my wife and I dine out, Linda usually orders a dessert while I do not. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. So, after my wife orders Creme Brulee or Apple Roulade, the waiter will ask, “and for you, monsieur?” or in America, “and for you, big daddy?”

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