Chanson du Jour “Les Passantes”

Pas de Merde favorite Francis Cabrel performs “Les Passantes,” the classic song made famous by George Brassens. Magnifique!

France Bleu Live with Francis Cabrel

Despite the closure of theaters, Francis Cabrel takes the stage of the Maison de la Radio in Paris to offer us an unprecedented France Bleu Live. A salutary moment, in music and poetry, to experience on France Bleu.

Malgré la fermeture des salles de spectacle, Francis Cabrel monte sur la scène de la Maison de la Radio à Paris pour nous offrir un France Bleu Live inédit. Un moment salutaire, en musique et en poésie, à vivre sur France Bleu.

Source: EXCLUDED – France Bleu Live with Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel: “I have been on the extreme left for a long time”

At 61 years old, Francis Cabrel released “In extremis”, a record which speaks for the most part about the time that flies. The occasion for the hermit of Astaffort to react on the policy and the rumors which run about him.

As every spring, every seven years, a new Cabrel arrives in the bins. “In extremis” (Sony) is a mixture of concerned songs and sentimental refrains. But what is striking about this album, today more than yesterday, is the awareness of the time that flies. Meeting with Francis Cabrel, who came from Astaffort to Paris, to tell the story of the genesis of this disc, to give some explanations of texts, to talk about the career of his daughter Aurélie. And to respond to the rumors that are currently circulating about him. They obviously stunned him.

You are already 61 years old. We are very far from “Petite Marie” …

– I even go on my 62. “Petite Marie”, I was 24 but I had started the song 4 or 5 years before. I wrote my first song when I was 19. Time flies normally, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time or that it has gone so quickly.

Time flies is the central theme of your album.

– Yes. First I don’t want to hide it. Then, that’s what concerns me and then it allows me to play down. It is not dizzying. I don’t want to quote anyone, but trying to convince teens that we make interesting songs doesn’t ring a bell, I just want to say who I am at that point in my life. All of my albums, in fact, are photographs, snapshots that show who I am as I write them. Who I was at 24, 27, 31, etc. When I look back, I care about who I was. I don’t want to be fasting.

Why ?

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