Francis Cabrel sings “La dame de Haute-Savoie” et “Des yeux bleus pleurant sous la pluie”

Months earlier in this endless year of Covid 19, French troubadour Francis Cabrel generously performed nightly “confinement” concerts streaming on Facebook. One of the highlights of these sessions was this performance: “La dame de Haute-Savoie,” is of course one of Cabrel’s best known tunes, while the country classic “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” was written by Fred Rose in 1947. The song was recorded by C&W legends Roy Acuff, Hank Williams and even Elvis Presley, yet the most popular recording came in 1975 by country singer Willie Nelson.

Francis Cabrel intimate: his confidences on his adopted daughter

Guest of 50 ‘Inside on the occasion of the release of his new album, Francis Cabrel has agreed to say a few words about his family. The singer spoke of Thiu, his daughter adopted in 2004 in Vietnam and the emotion felt that day.

A beloved but discreet singer, Francis Cabrel has just made his comeback with the album At the Returning Dawn . The public was there for this opus which was certified gold in just over a week. Guest of 50 ‘Inside this Saturday, October 31 to talk about his return to music, Mariette’s husband took the opportunity to say a few words about his family . Francis Cabrel is the father of Aurélie, Manon and Thiu. The latter, aged 16, was adopted in Vietnam in 2004 , and he dedicated the song Mademoiselle l’Aventure , released in 2008 to her.

In this title which was on his album Des roses et des netties , Francis Cabrel put words on this adoption and the emotion felt. “ She (the song) says something very intimate ,” he reminded Nikos Aliagas. And to continue: “ The first year when I sang this song, I didn’t dare to have the light on me because I didn’t know if I would manage to go to the end. It’s an important song . ” Rather modest. , the artist admitted all the same: ” The arrival of each of my children was something very strong and it was indeed of particular circumstance .”

“Overwhelmed by emotion”

This song, Mademoiselle l’Aventure, is special for Francis Cabrel, but he nevertheless had no difficulty in writing it. ” I didn’t think for a second, I even remember the song came in two or three days I was so carried and overwhelmed with emotion , ” he revealed in 50 ‘Inside . ” These are the things that have to be done. It’s a very big decision to adopt . It assumes that you tear someone away from their land as well, so you must not make a mistake, and you must be sure of yourself. as for the life we ​​want to offer him , “he concluded. A beautiful declaration of love, in music.

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Francis Cabrel: “It’s killing me!” 

Installed in Astaffort, in Lot-et-Garonne, far from the grayness and the rumors of the capital, Francis Cabrel doubtless thought he could escape mirages. It is also his friend Jacques Dutronc who had advised him to stay on the sidelines of the system, as the singer has just confided to our colleagues from the Parisian. “I learned the lesson: it’s a dangerous job if you get too close to it. So, I am a bit of a lonely bear, reclusive far from Paris. And happy to be. 

But even keeping an eye on the grain, being careful not to be devoured by the demons of notoriety, Francis Cabrel could not totally escape his fate… Today, in fact, there is something in his existence which destroys him a little more each year, to the point that the singer declared that this activity was killing him! What is it about ? Well the harvest, in which he regularly participates, especially since his brother, Philippe, is a winegrower on the family estate! “We harvested a fortnight ago,” he explained. I had my kidneys broken for three days! It kills me every year! “

However, this participation in the work of the vine is not the only thing to undermine the artist. Indeed, when we listen to his last album, the fourteenth, we say to ourselves that Cabrel has perhaps never been so far in privacy. Never before, for example, had he spoken so clearly about his father and the ties between them. Nor the great guilt that inhabits him at the idea that the latter has toiled all his existence to support his family. “I feel guilty every day for having a life that is too simple and too easy, with a guitar, a notebook, a pencil, compared to my father’s. The money earned, it has always been cumbersome … I do not talk about it easily elsewhere … “he confessed to Laurent Delahousse, on October 11, at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, on France 2.

But if he finds it difficult to “talk about it”, Francis Cabrel has managed to write a magnificent song in memory of his father, Te resembling: “I would have liked to resemble you, I swear. But now, it is not enough to want, it was not in my nature. You must have really questioned yourself, I’m sure. And one day, I crossed a guitar, I lived as we have fun. You had your feet on the ground. And I was just the opposite… ”

A sublime declaration of love and admiration, which should free the son and touch the father, if he can hear him, from “up there”.

Source: Francis Cabrel: “It’s killing me!” – France Sunday

Francis Cabrel: “Success allowed me to take time”

“I’m going to be 68 years old, it’s my fourteenth album. My goal is the song, whether it lasts six minutes or a minute and fifty, provided it is well dressed, ”says Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel is a rare artist. As much by its production rate – an album every five years – as by its words. This gives all the more weight to his new album, At the Returning Dawn , the fourteenth, and, already, one of the most inspired of a career started more than forty years ago. Record-holder in record sales with Samedi soir sur la terre in 1994, he once again became a less cumbersome craftsman. Inseparable from his village of Astaffort, which he only left for ten years, he polishes his songs with manic care. Never before had he involved his accompanists so much as in this disc which sounds almost like a group work, and allows him to approach new musical forms [ . . . ]

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Les confidences de Francis Cabrel : “Appartenir aux autres m’embarrasse toujours”


By Yannick Delneste | Google translation

Four years after “In extremis”, the artist released a new album “At the coming dawn”. 13 new songs combining gravity and irony, impeccable ballads and blues-folk. Meeting in Astaffort, on its Lot-et-Garonnaises lands.

The rooms and the courtyard of the former Astaffort school, today the stronghold of the Voix du Sud association that it created, are deserted on October 5. Francis Cabrel came down from his house not far from the village of Lot-et-Garonnais. Before the Parisian promo, first confidences from his biotope on his last baby, “At the coming dawn” which will be released on Friday, October 16.

Francis Cabrel. My meeting with Claude Sicre . He gave me several books on troubadours, “medieval rockstars”. I first said thank you for the nice phrase and read, started working on an entire album on the theme. After five songs, I was no longer moving forward so I gave up the idea of ​​a “Troubadours Project”. There are four left on the disc.

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