Fêter Noël ?

Sunday December 2, 2018, early morning, I found! says Jacques Noyer, former bishop of Amiens. I have found what the Church of France should say about this month-end insurrection we know.

She should announce that we will not celebrate Christmas this year. December 25 will be a day like any other. Nothing in the churches: no office, no nursery, no children. We will return to ordinary Sundays because Advent will not take place.

She will say that our people are not in a state of mind that allows them to celebrate Christmas. The cry of despair that runs through it is incompatible with the mystery of Christmas, with the hope of Advent, with the welcome of a foreign child.

I may be old-fashioned but I remember the Christmas of my childhood. It was not just the end of the month that was difficult. But at Christmas we forgot everything to rejoice in what we had. The most modest families were left with the little they had. In the night, the poor felt rich from the roof over their heads, the improved meal of their plate, the extra log that heated the house and especially the chance to have a dad, a mom, brothers and sisters who loved him. [ . . . ]

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Nuit Blanche 2018. Danse avec les arbres – Saint-Merry

Imagine Saint-Merry on Saturday, October 6th. A procession of trees hanging in the nave and a carpet of leaves. Daniel Van de Velde, sculptor, writes to the community of the Pastoral Center and presents himself through his work.

These are trees, but not as you are used to seeing them. Eighteen trees fell after a storm, segmented, recessed, of which only the last growth rings remain, their most recent memory. They are suspended in the nave or placed on the floor of the church, a musical creation celebrates them. They are on a carpet of soft leaves walking. Trees in majesty, such as recumbent, not kings of stone to honor, but subjects of nature to protect.

This work will remain visible during the day, for a week.

The tree is a recurring subject in the exhibitions of Saint-Merry, which we remember in 2010, “Forests” of Eva Jospin or previously  or finally the summer exhibition 2013 , but, in 2018, the tree will dialogue with the whole architecture.

Jean Deuzemes

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Saint-Merry asks, “Are you in Paris this summer?”


You will have some moments of freedom? You could…Find – at the easiest time for you – a young asylum seeker welcomed during the year by Welcome JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) time to chat, to walk … Because the days are long without French classes or other activities . And for you, it is the occasion of beautiful meetings.

For any information: Myriam  Seddik@jrsfrance.org  or 06 45 62 37 33Marie-Odile Barbier-Bouvet

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Politics in the heart – Saint-Merry

Sandra March

After the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and his immediate signing of a decree ordering “the construction of a physical wall” along the border with Mexico, I felt dizzy. In France, the reception given to migrants (hundreds of people sleeping in the street downstairs, without any dignified and perennial lodging solution proposed to them) has completely revolted me.

In this context, I felt the need to recharge myself and seek allies to think and build a world that would do us good to all.

And I found pearls. Words, or acts that have restored my faith in our ability to work together to put ourselves at the service of justice and love, as Cardinal André Vingt-Trois proposed in his homily on February 5 Inviting to become “a sign of God’s salvation”.

For example: Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg, declaring that “the world does not need walls but rather bridges”, or my neighbors are organized in turn to cook and offer meals to people living in the Street, or the reflection of Marion Muler-Colard – in The Complex of Elijah – inviting us to rediscover the heart of politics in this keen consciousness of “we” … And I remembered these words written by Carl Jaspers at Hannah Arendt in December 1945: “Those who seek together new ways must not be too few, but a few are enough to give confidence. ”

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