Spring of Bourges: Rodolphe Burger inspired by the abbey of Noirlac

Rodolphe Burger

The composer, guitarist and singer gives Friday, April 19 an unprecedented concert in the abbey of Noirlac (Cher), a highlight of the Printemps de Bourges.

La Croix: How do you feel about giving a concert in the abbey of Noirlac (Cher)?

Rodolphe Burger: Playing at Noirlac is a gift made to me by the Printemps de Bourges. I love the Cistercian abbeys, and this one is particularly beautiful. She is in a staggering state of preservation, time seems not to have done her work of degradation. The acoustics are different in every room, from the refectory to the dormitory. Among other wonders, the abbey of Noirlac is a place thought from the acoustic point of view.

Rodolphe Burger
The literary professions of faith of Rodolphe Burger

You often perform in places of worship … 
RB: I will play soon at the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, I also performed in Strasbourg Cathedral. I like to find myself in these religious buildings, even when sometimes they are no longer consecrated. Thus for “It’s in the Valley”, the small music festival that I take care of, at home in Alsace, we play in the small church of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (Haut-Rhin). It is no longer consecrated, but it alternately hosts Lutheran, Calvinist and Catholic Masses, as well as electric or acoustic concerts: it is a magnificent way to occupy it. Continue reading “Spring of Bourges: Rodolphe Burger inspired by the abbey of Noirlac”

Rodolphe Burger  intreview – Le Berry Républicain

Rodolphe Burger
Rodolphe Burger

Le guitariste Rodolphe Burger sera à l’abbaye de Noirlac, vendredi 19 avril, pour présenter un projet musical inédit. La veille, il fera partie des musiciens qui, au Palais d’Auron, rendront hommage à son ami Jacques Higelin.

He was companion of Jacques Higelin, Alain Bashung, Rachid Taha. With Kat Onoma, his band for almost twenty-five years, he has also explored uncrowded lands of rock … And today, he likes nothing more than to multiply the heterogeneous musical experiences.

For sure, Rodolphe Burger is an unclassifiable musician. It is the poster of the Printemps de Bourges Friday, April 19, with, as right, a creation for the least singular since it was especially designed for the abbey of Noirlac, near Saint-Amand-Montrond.

For the Republican Berry , the guitarist talks about his taste for the acoustics of religious buildings, the trigger that rock music of the 1960s triggered, the festival he created in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, his hometown in Alsace, or his projects with the jazzman Jeff Blood Ulmer and the Breton singer Erik Marchand.
He also evokes the fraternal bonds he had forged with the man he always calls affectionately “Jacques”. Thursday, April 18, he will also be on the stage of the Palais d’Auron, along with fifteen other musicians, for a concert in tribute to the artist, who died in 2018.

You will perform in an atypical place, for a musical festival, which is the abbey of Noirlac. What are you going to propose to the public of Printemps de Bourges that will go to this place?

It’s a chance to play at the abbey, which is an extraordinary place. I visited it, in view of this concert, and I made a proposal very related to this place. A first time in the abbey, a little thing quite acoustic, with bassist Sarah Murcia, who used to accompany me. And then, in trio, always with Sarah and the percussionist Christophe Calpini, a second concert in the refectory, where I will present new things, that I will play for the first time and which will appear on my new album, which will be released very soon. Continue reading “Rodolphe Burger  intreview – Le Berry Républicain”

Rodolphe Burger – Cannes Selection 2018

Cannes Film Festival – Official Selection of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Interview-Duel # 1 – Rodolphe Burger

For this episode of Radio Vinyl,  Rodolphe Burger will looks over the shelves of vinyl records electro, jazz, blues, rock or pop. Ornette Coleman, Kraftwerk, James Ulmer Blood and Iggy Pop are among his platinum choices. As a bonus, Rodolphe Burger offers us a cover of the song “Hard Times”, bluesman Skip James.  | More Radio Vinyl,