Francis Cabrel sings “La dame de Haute-Savoie” et “Des yeux bleus pleurant sous la pluie”

Months earlier in this endless year of Covid 19, French troubadour Francis Cabrel generously performed nightly “confinement” concerts streaming on Facebook. One of the highlights of these sessions was this performance: “La dame de Haute-Savoie,” is of course one of Cabrel’s best known tunes, while the country classic “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” was written by Fred Rose in 1947. The song was recorded by C&W legends Roy Acuff, Hank Williams and even Elvis Presley, yet the most popular recording came in 1975 by country singer Willie Nelson.


Le Cargo’s Session Confinée: Karen Lano – Le Marin

Karen Lano invites us to her home, accompanied by Olivier Legall on guitar. Time for a superb piece of music, we travel with Le Marin whose stories Karen sings to us. Again we are totally captivated by her voice. It makes us want to put ourselves around a wood fire, at night on a beach or in the woods, and listen to Karen sing us her magnificent stories until the dawn.

Le Cargo asks the artists who participate in the Confined Sessions to advise us on a book, a film and a disc for this strange period that we are living. Here’s Karen’s advice:

The Movie: Wes Anderson’s Tenenbaum Family
A film that I love for its aesthetics, its extravagant and touching characters, its quirky humor. This film talks about the family and the difficulty of finding its place, between a role assigned by others and family secrets. I love him for his deep poetry.
The scene where Gwyneth Paltrow gets out of the bus on the voice of Nico singing is legendary for me.

Book: Women running with the wolves of Clarissa Pinkola Estés.
A book that marked a turning point for me. I looked for myself a lot at one time, and this book helped me better understand a dimension of my femininity, the myths associated with women and their symbols. A rare pearl.

Album: Histoire de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg. 
Whether it rains, it snows, it sells, whether I am happy or at the bottom of the hole, this album, I always come back to it. Like a ride, a path that I will never tire of. For me, this album is a quintessence of poetry, sensuality, narration.

If you want to discover the universe of Karen Lano it’s here:

A big thank you to Karen & Olivier