Comme une Française: Shopping Sales in France

Joyeux Noël! It’s easy enough to discover the translation of “Merry Christmas” in French, but as an Can you understand this French dialogue? Get better at understanding REAL spoken French while learning all about “les soldes”: sales season in France!

In some countries, like the United States and Canada, “sales” are a regular thing. Maybe you’re used to “end of season” sales or big shopping events like Black Friday. We don’t have this in France! Instead, our sales seasons are regulated and only happen twice a year. In today’s lesson, you can learn more about this aspect of French culture and improve your oral comprehension by listening to a dialogue between a shopper and a sales assistant in a French store. What can you understand? Did you learn anything new — whether it’s a French word or just something about French culture you didn’t know before? Let me know in the comments!