New Jersey’s Bobolinks’ Amram, The Little Stinky Cheese That Could, Wins Silver In Lyon

Nina White, a dancer and the co-founder of Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse in Milford, New Jersey, looked quite chic last June, in her petite robe noire as she waited nervously for the results of the first annual Farm Cheese Awards in Lyon, France. After all, Lyon had been dubbed the world capital of gastronomy back in 1935, and cheese is such an integral part of the French identity that Charles de Gaulle joked in 1962, “How can one govern a country that boasts 258 different cheeses?” [ . . . ]

Source: New Jersey’s Bobolinks’ Amram, The Little Stinky Cheese That Could, Wins Silver In Lyon

National Wine & Cheese Day: best pairings

The saying is — “when in Rome.” But today, we should really be looking to France.

“The French, we are lucky enough to have more than 365 variety of cheese. So every day. Every lunch and dinner we have a piece of cheese,” says Farmer and Frenchman owner Hubert Mussat.365 days of wine and cheese make the French the experts.We dropped by Farmer and Frenchman for the inside scoop on pairing — the gouda, the brie, and the bleu.

Best wine pairings:

  • Jalapeno, or anything spicy, goes best with sweet wine
  • Riesling pairs best with spicy foods and cheeses
  • Chardonnay does well with hard cheeses
  • Sauvignon Blanc is best with seafood, not cheese
  • Red wines pair well with soft cheese like fontina and brie

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3 Underrated French Cheeses to Eat on Bastille Day 

Pas De Merde – we love fromage!

Camembert is always a good choice, but why not try some less famous—but equally transcendent—cheeses? 

One of the biggest holidays in France has become an important day for Americans to eat French food. Restaurants around the States offer Bastille Day specials, featuring classic French dishes like steak frites and canard à l’orange, to celebrate the July 14 holdiay, which commemorates the Storming of the Bastille in 1789, a major turning point in the French Revolution.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Frenchness than with a dreamy board of cheese. We tapped cheesemonger Carol Johnson, of Monger’s Palate in Brooklyn, to help us choose beautiful, unique fromages for a French-inflected spread, and she offered three varietals that more cheese-loving Americans should know about.

So before July 14, take a stroll to your local fromagèrie and try to get your hands on these exquisite, but lesser-known, French cheeses for the ultimate Bastille Day spread [ . . . ]

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