Paris to host free outdoor French film screenings (with English subtitles)

Free outdoor cinema screenings in Paris this summer will show French films with English subtitles, to help Anglophones keep abreast of French culture.

Cinema club Lost in Frenchlation – which regularly screens French films with English subtitles, is hosting three free outdoor screenings over the summer.

The first screening is romance Fidelio, L’Odysée d’Alice.

It is on Friday, July 12th at Mairie du 11ème, 12 Place Léon Blum, with a free concert at 8.30pm, followed by the screening at 10.30pm.
The second is American comedy mash-up La Classe Américaine on Saturday, July 20th at Mob Hôtel, 6 Rue Gambetta, in Saint-Ouen at 10pm.
And the third in the series is comedy La Nouvelle Ève on Friday, August 9th at Mairie du 11ème. The screening at 9.30pm, preceded by short movies.
The outdoor screenings are in addition to Lost in Frenchlation’s usual programme, which includes the new Jean Dujardin comedy Le Daim on  Friday, July 19th at Club de L’Étoile/Champs-Élysées.
Before the screening there is an optional Eiffel Tower Movie Tour at 5:30pm, drinks from 7pm, a stand-up comedy show (in English) at 8pm, followed by the screening at 8.30pm. €15 Full Price, €13 for students.

See the full schedule at

Source: Paris to host free outdoor French film screenings (with English subtitles) – The Local

As families flee Paris, fingers point at Airbnb

Paris (AFP) – The bells will ring for the last time this week at Vaugirard elementary school in central Paris, the latest school in the city to close as spiralling property prices drive families out of the capital.

Just 51 students were enrolled this year at Vaugirard, a stark illustration of the steady decline in numbers at many schools in central Paris which some parents and teachers blame on the surge of home-renting giant Airbnb.

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