On the Town in the “Real” Neighborhoods of Paris 

I live in the 10th arrondissement (district), a trendy but not touristy area near République and the Canal St. Martin. The other night, I was rushing out to meet a friend for dinner. I was a bit behind schedule, and was worried that I’d be late, when I remembered a shortcut that’d get me there faster: I’d take the passages.

Paris has dozens of covered passages that date from the 19th century. These early walkways, which cut straight through the heart of a city block, were like early shopping malls, filled with boutiques, art galleries, and other intriguing little shops. Some, like the ultra-glamorous Galerie Vivienne, are well-known to the world. Others fly under the radar of almost everyone except locals. They’re not necessarily covered nor necessarily elegant. In fact, they can be a little gritty. But, for me, they exemplify “real” Paris [ . . . ] More: On the Town in the “Real” Neighborhoods of Paris – International Living

Have the French found a way to combat food waste? – Green News 

Despite most of the country hiding away from Hurricane Ophelia today, the 16th of October also marks UN “World Food Day.” In celebration, a new food app is being released to launch major action against food waste.TheFoodLife app is the creation of Arash Derambarsh, who played a key role in fighting for the introduction of the French food waste laws in February 2016.Mr Derambarsh is urging the rest of Europe to adopt similar laws in the fight against food waste and food poverty [ . . . ]

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What’s on in October

Montmartre vendange, Paris, October 11-15
As reported in July’s Connexion, Paris has a thriving vineyard scene and the annual harvest (vendange) is celebrated in style at the most famous of these among the historic streets of hilltop Montmartre. Expect wine-themed parades and exhibitions as well as concerts and plenty of tasting opportunities. On the Sunday afternoon at 17:00 on Square Louise-Michel there will be a glamorous street disco, called Le Bal Dalida, to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of the celebrated chanteuse.

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