L’Epee Are Tracing Psychedelic Pathways 

New group L’Epee have shared their storming single ‘Dreams’.…

The project hinges on the involvement of Brian Jonestown Massacre founder Anton Newcombe, who recently produced an album by husband and wife duo The Limiñanas.

Joined in the studio for one song by French artist Emmanuelle Seigner, her vocals seemed to unlock something new.

L’Epee was formed as a result, with the four piece engaging in recording sessions in Cabestany, France and at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin.

An album drops this summer, with L’Epee – the name means ‘sword’ in French, and came to Anton in a dream – sharing their fantastic new single ‘Dreams’ ahead of this.

Out on May 17th via Anton’s a recordings label, it’s a crisp piece of French language guitar pop that traces psychedelic pathways across a clear blue sky.

It’s a blissful start, full of poise and purpose, matching impeccable melody to that driving rhythm.


Source: L’Epee Are Tracing Psychedelic Pathways | News | Clash Magazine

The Limiñanas LIVE at The Exchange

Recorded at The Exchange Bristol UK February 2019

Track List
01 Je m’en Vais
02 Malamore
03 Istanbul Is Sleeping
04 Shadow People
05 Dreams (L’épée Cover)
06 Last Picture Show (L’épée Cover)
07 Garden of Love
08 Cold Was the Ground
09 (New Song)
10 Salvation
11 I’m Dead
12 Dimanche
13 The Gift
14 Funeral Baby
15 Crank (Beach Bitches Cover)
16 One of Us, One of Us, One of Us
17 Mother Sky (Can Cover)
18 Betty & Johnny
19 Gloria
20 The Train Creep A-Loopin