Cabrel’s brilliant cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”

Moment rare donc exceptionnel. Dans l’intimité de son studio, Francis Cabrel répète Eleanor Rigby une chanson des Beatles qu’il interprètera à Londres devant 6000 personnes au Royal Albert Hall de Londres. Avec ses trois choristes, son batteur et son bassiste le chanteur d’Astaffort nous offre une très belle version acoustique de ce standard du répertoire de ce groupe de légende. Ca grosse ! Une rythmique de folie et des voix magnifiques.

Comme une Française: French Slang Anyone Can Use!

French slang words aren’t only used by young people. In French, we have some common slang that’s used by all French people — no matter their age or level of education. And you can use them, too, even as a non-native speaker! In today’s lesson, I’ll introduce you to 5 very common French slang words and explain how YOU can start using them in everyday conversation to sound more authentically French, without sounding awkward.

Take care and stay safe.
😘 from Grenoble, France.


Pomme – La Rivière (Live) | Vevo Studio Performance

An exclusive live studio performance for Vevo.
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Vevo Executive Producer: Nick Calafato
Vevo Senior Producer: Yomi Ogunsola
Vevo Production Coordinator: Debbie Ijaduola
Vevo Design Lead: Charlee Twigg
Vevo Music & Talent: Lyva Corvo
Vevo Senior Editor Helena Duque
Vevo Post-Production Coordinator: Scott Robson
Director: Jim Wilmot
Director of Photography: Ben Coughlan
Jib Operator: Lucas Lytra
1st AC / Focus Puller: Jim Mclean
2nd AC / Loader: Esther Edusi
Gaffer Yeh Htoo: Love
Light Operator: Josh Mansfield
Stills: Johnny Fonseca
Sound Engineer: Alex Archer
Runner: Dominic Foster

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Comme une Française: “Advanced” Beginner French

Whether you just started learning French or you’re ready to brush up on the basics ahead of your next visit to France, you’re in the right place! Today’s lesson was created specifically with beginners in mind, to help you go beyond the fundamentals and really become confident in your ability to speak and understand basic French.

In the next 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy some of my best ‘advanced beginner’ French lessons from 2022 so far. Did you learn something new? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Take care and stay safe.
😘 from Grenoble, France.