Bertrand Belin polishes the tour of his new album “Persona” in Le Havre

It is in Le Havre that the musician Bertrand Belin chose to refine and begin the tour of his sixth album. He then leaves on the roads of the hexagon with “Persona”. A personal album, imbued with literature and strange creatures.

A crooner’s voice, a dandy rock look, Bertrand Belin travels the planet of words and notes with an elegance both light and serious. With “Persona”, the singer remains faithful to a swaying score that kicks and invites to dance. That’s good, Bertrand Belin goes on the road of concerts with this sixth album. After the studio it’s in Le Havre that he tweaked the adjustments of the live. It promises us new but also older pieces.
A scene apart
For nearly fifteen years, the Breton musician has been cultivating a singular language. His linguistic delusions flirt with surrealist poetry. On stage, Bertrand Belin embarks the public, between improvisation and exquisite corpses.

“O time, suspend your flight” and let yourself go into the languid vapors dream the artist. These compositions, always imbued with melancholy, give their view on life, solitude, society. By choosing simple but fair words.

It is the pleasure of arranging, of creating with the minimum of words, the maximum of effect. This is my little “dada”!

Bertrand Belin

If 2018 has been written with a big A (two albums of the excellent Dominique A), 2019 starts with a double B.  Bertrand Belin launched himself in this new year . “Persona” was released on January 25 on the label Cinq 7, an appearance at the cinema in My life with James Dean” by Dominique Choisy which he signs the soundtrack and ” Great Carnicores ” his fourth novel (POL editions), a once again hailed by critics.

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