Comme une Française: What NEVER to say in French

Does that French word really mean what you think it means? That’s what we’ll explore in today’s lesson. I’m sure that you’ve heard or seen these French words and phrases before, and they DO belong in French vocabulary… but they are often misused by non-native speakers in everyday French conversation. In this compilation of some of my most popular videos, I’ll introduce you to 5 words that are commonly misused in French and explain why you should NEVER say them when speaking yourself. Let’s dive in!

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

Comme une Française: Can you understand these Normandy facts?

Bonjour! This week, I thought we’d do something a little different. I’m currently visiting Haute-Savoie, near the French border with Switzerland… and I thought I’d take you on a little journey with me through Normandy. Let’s have some fun and test your French oral comprehension as we discover some interesting tips about this region of France. Have you ever visited Normandy before? Let me know in the comments! Géraldine

Comme une Française: Practice Conversation with a Real French Teacher

One of my BIGGEST goals is to help you feel more confident in your ability to speak French – and that only comes with practice! So, in today’s lesson, I want to introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to some French conversation basics. With these sentences, you’ll be able to sound more fluent when conversing in French, and eventually move on to longer, more detailed conversations. Let’s practice together. Pause the video and repeat after me! It’ll be like we’re having a real French conversation together 🙂


Comme une Française: Basic French Conversation

Learning French can be fun and stimulating. But, I’m here to help make sure that you actually USE your French, not just learn it – and that starts with speaking! All you really need are a few simple phrases to start a French conversation with friends, shopkeepers, and strangers. In today’s lesson, we’ll explore some of the most basic phrases you can learn if you want to start having short conversations in French. You can use them to greet your neighbour, buy something from a French bakery, announce that you’re leaving a party, and more! Let’s dive in.
Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France


Comme une Française: Quoi?

You probably already know that the French word “quoi” means “what”… but did you know that it has other meanings, too? Especially in modern spoken French! There are so many ways that you can use this simple French word. In today’s lesson, we’ll explore the different meanings and uses of the word “quoi”. I’ll also introduce you to some popular expressions you can use to sound more authentically French when speaking.
Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France


Comme une Française: Bien Meaning in French

C’est bien! C’est bon! C’est… délicat. These two French words may have very similar meanings, but learning to use them the way we do in everyday spoken and written French can be tricky. Are you using them properly? Let’s find out! In today’s lesson, we’ll explore the core differences between “bon” and “bien”, including what role they play in a sentence, how they’re used in common French expressions, and whether or not you can use them interchangeably.

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France.