‘Godard is not God!’


The women, the films, the fights, the flops … the director of The Artist has risked infuriating France with Redoubtable – a hilarious drama about Jean-Luc Godard.

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The First Responder

The Unknown Girl

The Unknown Girl may seem to meander in its midsection, but by the end it is gripping on every level. It’s a whodunnit complete with car chase. It’s a character study of a woman learning what her vocation will really demand of her. It’s a portrait of a community, impoverished and divided, whose only common link is the doctor. And it’s a portrayal of guilt, shame, and deliverance as rich and memorable as any I’ve seen [ . . . }

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Cannes Film Review: Jeanette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

Bruno Dumont

Cannes Film Review: Jeanette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc by Sam C. Mac

Bruno Dumont follows his oddball 2016 Cannes competition entry Slack Bay with the bold and more divisive rock opera Jeanette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc. And as with Slack Bay and 2014’s Li’l QuinquinJeanette’s provocations—sacred subject matter paired with pounding death-metal bass drums—add to its sense of humor. A sample scene: a sheep bleating off screen while an earnest hymnal is sung into the camera. Even the frequently out-of-tune singing and chintzy synthesizer soundtrack add to a sense of levity and play, a tone Dumont’s never pulled off as comfortably as he does here [ . . . . ] More at source: Cannes Film Review: Jeanette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc | The House Next Door | Slant Magazine