Pauline Croze: “Success does not buy happiness”

After four years of absence, Pauline Croze returns with an album, “Bossa Nova”. A return to his first musical emotions. Notes she whispered in his teenage bedroom. Pauline Croze chose bossa nova for its fourth album. An amazing musical turn for the audience but that sounds like a homecoming for her. A hot air that lives for years, since his first love with music: “I discovered it in a movie where there is a story of impossible love. That’s what I was at that time of my adolescence. I saw myself in this character who exorcised his sentence listening to bossa nova “, says the young woman. It is in this music “the dramatic message, but the notes soaring.”

She tells her story, her way to exist: “There’s a lot of sensuality, a nonchalant sensuality that looks like me.” So for hours in his teenage bedroom, she draws, sings, and discovered a passion: “I singing phonetic way the

Source: Pauline Croze: “Success does not buy happiness”