Explore French Culture from Your Couch

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are home-bound this winter. But culture can provide a thrilling escape, even from your couch. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite podcast episodes, videos, playlists, and more so you can take a deep dive into contemporary and classic French and Francophone cultures––without leaving your apartment.

Listen to The Thing About France Podcast

Did you know that David Sedaris loves French-style frozen food? Or that being in Paris makes Gloria Steinem feel like she’s in a village? Podcast fans will love The Thing About France, which explores the fascinating and complicated relationship between France and the United States through intimate with artist Mickalene Thomas, chef Daniel Rose (Le Coucou), Jonathan Galassi (President and Publisher at Farrar, Straus and Giroux), and many more! Listen here.

Dive into Geopolitics with the French Embassy’s FrancoFiles Podcast

FrancoFiles gives listeners a chance to explore geopolitical issues and get a behind the scenes look at French diplomatic and consular missions in Washington D.C. through the podcast medium. Learn about La Maison Française, biodiversity, the Michelin Guide, and more.[ . . . ] Continue reading “Explore French Culture from Your Couch”

Watch Naïssam Jalal Collection in concert at the Martinique Jazz Festival 2019

Franco-Syrian flautist Naïssam Jalal thrills the Martinique Jazz Festival to the sound of her powerful compositions. Originally from Syria, the musician has built her musical universe around her many human and artistic encounters. From rap to contemporary jazz, Naïssam Jalal oscillates between different musical cultures. In 2011, the flautist created her quintet Rhythms of Resistance with which she would tour in France and internationally.

Winner of the Victoires du jazz 2019, her unclassifiable album “Quest of the Invisible” turns to trance and silence: the virtuoso takes us on her spiritual quest. After several projects across France, Syria, Japan, Lebanon , Tunisia, Naïssam Jalal marks the 2019 edition of the Martinique Jazz Festival. 

Watch more of the concert at: Jazz Tour Naïssam Jalal Collection in concert at the Martinique Jazz Festival 2019

Lockdown Diary: Why I’m grateful for being on lockdown in Paris

“I’m grateful to be living in France, where there is universal healthcare and where the president has chosen to save human lives over the economy.”

Today, March 25, is the eighth full day of living in true confinement. As of Tuesday, March 17, at noon, the whole country of France has been on lockdown.

It was nearly two weeks ago that President Emmanuel Macron earnestly asked us to stay home, and the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe ordered all non-essential businesses to close at midnight. By March 15, there were whispers on the street that the government would be locking down, with the military and all, because the people here weren’t taking it seriously, and the infection and death rates were rising.

I’d been preparing for weeks.

Food Stored in Apt: Eileen Cho during Paris lockdown
The author’s stored food and books. 
Eileen W. Cho

Because most of my family is located in South Korea and Seattle, Washington, two places that were hit hard by the pandemic, and

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7 Foods To Mail Order For A Gastronomic Staycation

While gastronomic traveling is curtailed at the moment, you can still order specialties from different U.S. regions and European countries to enjoy at home.

Culinary travel has been on the rise in recent years as not just pleasure for the food obsessed but as a window into a destination’s culture.  With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic postponing nonessential travel, gastronomic excursions are on hold as well. But through the wonder of long distance delivery, iconic foods can come to the hunkered down at home as well. Some are offering free shipping now as well.

One of the great pleasures of a visit to the various U.S. states in the south is barbecue which varies in specialty/the primary meat used/sauce preparation by state. In Texas, it’s largely about beef and one of the most revered places to get it is The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas, a second generation operation known for its seared then smoked over coals brisket. But they also offer pork and beef ribs along with their vinegar based, cayenne and chili power spiced sauce. Available in the lower 48 U.S. states and the barbecue with arrive cryovaced and frozen with instructions for reheating. [ . . . ]

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