French singer’s music video filmed in South Africa goes viral 

Cape Town – French singer-songwriter, Jain has become a global sensation after releasing her first album titled, Zanaka.Now she’s making waves again with her latest music video titled Makeba, which was filmed in South Africa.The song is an ode to South African singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba.Growing up the 24-year-old’s French father used to play Miriam Makeba’s records at their home in Toulouse.

“Miriam Makeba’s voice is part of my childhood,” says Jain on her website.
“In Paris I discovered that a lot of my friends knew nothing about her. I found that sad so I wrote the song. The idea was to modernise Miriam Makeba so people my age might search her out. It was the last song I wrote for the album. ”
Inspired by the music and a mix of other influences, Jain has developed a “joyous, sun-soaked, rhythm-driven” sound that has everyone talking.
The video, released only 3 days ago, already has more than 350 000 views on YouTube.

Read Full Story: WATCH: French singer’s music video filmed in South Africa goes viral | Channel24


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