The travel interview with Pauline Croze, singer

She has had the guitar (and voice) that itches for almost 30 years. Since then, she scratches them a little (a lot) to offer us very pretty songs, five albums and tours here and elsewhere. To celebrate the year 2021, Pauline Croze is back with a new single called “Solution”. “Sketched” by designer Joann Sfar, the singer offers songs mixed with syncopations specific to contemporary urban pop. Between two songs , the young woman tells us here about her travels from Belgrade to West Africa, her love for Daft Punk and Mac de Marco and her little travel habits. Selected pieces from a three-part interview. 

Pauline Croze, before departure

You who have to sleep often at the hotel as part of your job, can you describe your home to me?
At home it’s quite stripped down, I like order, clarity…. The walls are light, it’s a very bright house, it’s a place where I must feel good. I also like working there. My room is very uncluttered, there are plants, flowers, a lot of books and comics.

A world tour, does that tempt you or would you have tempted?
Yes that would have tempted me, but I never had the guts to do it. I can panic very quickly when I am lost in a place. Sometimes even when I am in a place and I am lost, I can no longer read the names of the streets… That is to say!

Are you the type to pack your suitcase in advance or hard before departure?
No, suitcase in advance, even when it’s for vacation, you quickly realize that you take a thousand things that are unnecessary … I hate being loaded. I like the bare minimum.

What should you always carry with you in your cabin baggage?
A notebook, pens, an essential oil that soothes me, like bergamot or vetiver, a book of course …

Where are you going to sleep next or should you have slept (due to COVID)?
At the moment I am often at home, so no improvised bed!

Are you a postcard, social media or digital detox?
Digital detox, I really like to go for a walk, cycle, cook, detach from the screen …

On the spot, are you the type to do nothing or to multiply the activities?
Do nothing of course… I hate going on vacation and being drunk doing a thousand activities, I want to be quiet and I let it be known!

What music can we find in your travel playlist?
Mac de Marco, Kruanghbin, Bill Evans. Daft Punk.

Do you bring back music ideas from your travels?
Not really, the ideas in music come to me in a very anarchic way, after a period of maceration …

If your music was a journey, what would it be?
A boat trip, with the sea all to myself!

On return from travel

The most kitsch souvenir that you brought back from your trip?
A flashy pink poncho from Chile… 🙂 I had a lot of clothing and hair setbacks, I think I made progress… 🙂

What landscape in the world did you want to say “You’re beautiful”?
To the landscape of West Africa. Benin, Togo, Cameroon are very strong memories.

Your worst travel memory?
In Jordan, we had almost no gasoline, we were in the desert and no station on the horizon …

Where do you hang out in Paris between two trips, to continue traveling?
I like going to Kioko, Au Palais des thés, tea is my favorite drink, it allows me to meditate.

Where would you like to live if you had to leave Paris?
If I had to leave the place where I live, I would go to Serbia, I don’t know why, this country attracts me, the Slavic countries in general. I had the opportunity to go to Belgrade once and really liked it. There the Franco-Serbian friendship is very strong, so it touched me a lot.

Subsidiary question

Who would you like to go to sunny Miami with after Arthur H? 
I would like to do a duet with Mac de Marco. 🙂

Source: The travel interview with Pauline Croze, singer – Solcito / Unusual and offbeat travel blog


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