How a flirty TV presenter is boosting the image of boring French politicians

Her interviews have been likened to watching a couple who had met on Tinder

Satirist Anne Roumanoff joked that seeing her interview a politician was like “watching a couple who had met on Tinder”, referring to the speed-dating mobile phone app.
Others think the danger is more profound: that serving soft questions to experienced politicians allows them to manipulate voters.
There have been tears, lots of them. Right-wing candidate Bruno Le Maire sobbed while discussing his wife, while leftist maverick Arnaud Montebourg choked up about the premature birth of his daughter.
But the most controversial cry of all was by far-right populist Marine Le Pen, whose surge in the polls has worried France’s establishment following Donald Trump’s success in the United States.
France’s anti-elite standard-bearer wept while recalling how her mother had walked out on her and her father Jean-Marie, a former paratrooper committed to defending the “white world” [ . . . ]

Read Full Story at South China Morning Post

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