Pauline Croze  “Solution”

Dans « Solution », Pauline Croze continue de raconter et de suivre les mouvements de son époque.

2020 was, among other things, the year of Pauline Croze’s return . The artist had indeed followed his album Do nothing , released in 2018, and published three titles, “Humans”, “Kim” and “The world”.

A new clip completes the trilogy and takes a further step towards a new opus. In “Solution”, Pauline continues to tell and follow the movements of her time. His French song is thus dressed in a pop dress more rhythmic and more fashionable.

While her graceful voice recounts, with a touch of irony and subversion, the quest for ultimate happiness, the clip illustrates humans repeating the same gestures over and over. The superb drawings and paintings by Fabienne Wagenaar and Sandrine Stoïanov add character to an already successful piece.

What if mixing the arts was the “Solution” to save “The World” from “Humans” and “Kim” (Jong-Un)?

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Call My Agent: the French TV hit that viewers and actors adore

The comedy, whose fourth series hits Netflix this week, shows France’s TV can match its film

Fast approaching 50 and fed up after two exhausting decades at Artmedia, the top talent agency in Paris, Dominique Besnehard decided, one day in 2005, that he would quite like to turn his hand to producing something of his own.

“At the time,” Besnehard told Le Monde, “Desperate Housewives was all over the telly, a huge success. I just thought, with a couple of colleagues, we could maybe make a series a bit like that, but about the job we do for a living.”

Call My Agent, whose fourth series starts on Netflix this week, is now a huge hit – and has, along with Spiral and The Bureau, two other acclaimed series, fully and perhaps finally disproved the dictum that France is as bad at TV drama as it is good at cinema.

“France is really benefiting from a global trend in TV series towards strong, original, local stories, anchored in their territory and free of American and British norms,” said Laurence Herszberg, director of the international Series Mania festival.

The show, she said, was so big because it was “set in a milieu we don’t know well but would like to; because the agents are sympathetic and passionate and people like them even more than the guest stars; because it’s very French – it’s in Paris, it has office love affairs … And because it’s on Netflix.”

Call My Agent, whose French title is Dix pour Cent (for the 10% fee French agents charge actors), draws between 3 and 4 million viewers on public broadcaster France 2 and is available around the world on the streaming service.

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MyFrenchFilmFestival shines spotlight on French-language film

MyFrenchFilmFestival is the world’s first online French-language film festival. Now in its 11th year, the festival begins today and runs until February 15, 2021. The festival is run in partnership with RFI.

Once again, it offers internet users worldwide 10 shorts and 10 feature films in competition, as well as several films out of competition, all subtitled in 10 languages.

With comedies, romances, dramas, documentaries, animated films, classics, VR, short films for young audience, this year’s the selection will spotlight the great diversity of French-language cinema.

Last year there was more than 12 million film views across 200 territories last with a special Stay Home edition during the lockdown

Furthermore, around 60 streaming platforms will showcase the festival around the world (Apple TV app, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and MUBI), which aims to shine the spotlight on a new generation of French-language filmmakers. It also gives internet users the chance to share their enthusiasm – and support –  for French-language cinema.

Five prizes are awarded at the end of the festival, including the Grand Jury Prize, the Audience Awards and the International Press Awards. This year, the International Jury is composed of Monia Chokri, Mounia Meddour, Gianfranco Rosi, Rosalie Varda and Franco Lolli.

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