Comme une Française: Using “incorrect” French to sound friendlier

Want to sound less like a robot or textbook and more like an authentic French speaker? There are certain unwritten spoken French “rules” you’ll need to learn first – starting with this easy fix! Here’s something your high school French teacher probably never told you: if you’re using the full “ne… pas” in a French conversation, you’ll sound formal and stilted. I know you’ve been taught to use these words in any negative sentence, but in modern spoken French we typically drop the “ne”. Allow me to explain more, with examples, in today’s lesson.

Take care and stay safe. 😘 from Grenoble, France. Géraldine

♫ I have often walked, down this street before … ♫

By Michael Stevenson

“I have often walked down the street before,But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before …”

That’s about the best damn song lyric about falling in love that was ever written! Of course, it was written by Alan Jay Lerner and he was married 8 times, so he could reacquaint himself with the feeling.

What do you think?