Tonight 22:10 (2:30 pm EST) watch live concert from “Birds on a Wire”

Watch the concert here

Birds on a Wire is the project of singer Rosemary Standley (voice of Moriarty) and cellist Dom La Nena. The two artists weave an entire universe built around song and emotion. A symbiosis that allows them to take back, in their own way, musical monuments ranging from Pink Floyd to Gabriel Fauré. David Walters’

heart swings between Paris and the West Indies, just like his music. Thus, the artist draws his inspiration as much from the side of Creole and African cultures as from that of electronic music. By drawing the thread of his origins, David Walters invites us to discover sunny compositions full of groove. The Bab L’Bluz group

launches bridges between Morocco and France, blues and music from North Africa. Infused with Gnawa culture, the band uses traditional instruments to make their swaying and electric songs thunder. The whole is psychedelic at will and makes you want to undulate.

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Big Tech needs to step up. But instead we get “Mwa-Mwa-Mwa”

By Michael Stevenson, aka Monsieur Pas de Merde

The chief executive officers of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook sat before congress yesterday. Four white guys with unimaginable wealth. I wanted congress to inform them of the new “Big Tech Patriot Emergency Relief Bill” – informing them that, TFN, all their profits after 1 Billion will now be taxed at 99.5 percent. That revenue stream would EASILY replace the expiring Covid Relief package that we all pay for. But instead of my “Big Tech Patriot Emergency Relief Bill” – these creeps just blathered on like the teacher in Peanuts cartoons. Cue the trombone: “Mwa-Mwa-Mwa”