Le Cargo’s Session Confinée: Karen Lano – Le Marin

Karen Lano invites us to her home, accompanied by Olivier Legall on guitar. Time for a superb piece of music, we travel with Le Marin whose stories Karen sings to us. Again we are totally captivated by her voice. It makes us want to put ourselves around a wood fire, at night on a beach or in the woods, and listen to Karen sing us her magnificent stories until the dawn.

Le Cargo asks the artists who participate in the Confined Sessions to advise us on a book, a film and a disc for this strange period that we are living. Here’s Karen’s advice:

The Movie: Wes Anderson’s Tenenbaum Family
A film that I love for its aesthetics, its extravagant and touching characters, its quirky humor. This film talks about the family and the difficulty of finding its place, between a role assigned by others and family secrets. I love him for his deep poetry.
The scene where Gwyneth Paltrow gets out of the bus on the voice of Nico singing is legendary for me.

Book: Women running with the wolves of Clarissa Pinkola Estés.
A book that marked a turning point for me. I looked for myself a lot at one time, and this book helped me better understand a dimension of my femininity, the myths associated with women and their symbols. A rare pearl.

Album: Histoire de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg. 
Whether it rains, it snows, it sells, whether I am happy or at the bottom of the hole, this album, I always come back to it. Like a ride, a path that I will never tire of. For me, this album is a quintessence of poetry, sensuality, narration.

If you want to discover the universe of Karen Lano it’s here: https://www.karenlano.com/

A big thank you to Karen & Olivier

Source: http://www.lecargo.org

Confinement Sessions: Volo

On the occasion of the release of their new album With his brother at At-Home, Le Cargo! puts the spotlight on Volo , a French duo made up of two brothers whose songs, both touching and militant, succeed in bringing together a loyal and ever-growing audience.

We should have filmed the Volos a few months earlier. We had an appointment in Montreuil, in the room where they were playing that evening. It happened at Mains D’euvres , in St Ouen, so very far from the meeting place, that we thought that the room was particularly quiet for a day of concert. So we managed to plant a shoot for the first time in over 1000 sessions. But today we have a meeting in Paris, towards Pigalle, rue Lepic, a street that will forever be linked to the greatest defender of French song, the late Jean Meyrand . In a Volo friend’s apartment, thank you to him for the welcome, we find the two brothers that we involuntarily put in the same configuration as during their first session for the Cargo! toured by Micky . A sofa, a light here in chiaroscuro, a communicative complicity and humor and songs. Songs with poetic lyrics, committed, which aim just, with a certain modesty. Beautiful songs that can be found in their new album which has just been released and which is a great morale booster.

Source: Videos: Volo, Acoustic Session # 1068

Acoustic Session: Oum ‘Lik”

Courtesy of Le Cargo

The neighborhood is still very lively and multicultural, as we approach the New Morning, one of Paris mythical venues. While we park our bike outside, we learn that we are a little early, or the others a little late, depending on the point of view. The entrance of Studio Bleu is packed, there’s an audition taking place later. A few seconds later we enter the confined space of a large studio. The majestic figure of Oum rise above her seven musicians. The Moroccan singer is rehearsing for her gig at the festival Au Fil des voix. We find ourselves a spot out of the way to listen and watch discreetly. It’s always a privilege to see artists working.

After two songs, we can start setting up for the Cargo ! session. The idea was to keep it simple, with Oum and just two musicians, but we can see than the singer would love to play with all her talented musicians. Of course we’re on board with this new plan, we’ll make it work with the gear we have, we’ll improvise. With this talented bunch, it’s nothing difficult, the musicians find their place instinctively around Oum to create a nice acoustic balance, they play at the right volume so that every instrument can be heard, without drowning the vocals.

We shoot two songs, like we did last time. It’s a simple, delightful moment, filled with great music and laughters. We thought we’d have a hard time recording propely so many musicians, so many different instruments. But in the head it goes smoothly and we can enjoy this beautiful performance Oum and her musicians are offering us.Thanks to Mounir, Oum and her musicians

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Video by Renaud de Foville (www.unjourpeutetre.net)

LIVE session: Orouni’s “Speedball”

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, people sitting, night, concert and indoor
Performing at Les Trois Baudets

Monsieur Pas de Merde really likes the sounds these Parisians make. Orouni remind me of London’s hipster indie iconoclasts  “The Leisure Society,” with a similar mix of strings and wind instruments – très groovy.

Orouni claim influences of Leonard Cohen, The Kinks and Stereolab. Their mix of minimalism and lush arrangements also recall The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Supergrass, Belle & Sebastian, and (Monsieur Pas de Merde favorite) – ’60s Brit Invasion legend, the Zombies!

C’est groovy – non?

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video courtesy of Le Cargo