Une cuillère d’amour!


Whenever my wife and I dine out, Linda usually orders a dessert while I do not. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. So, after my wife orders Creme Brulee or Apple Roulade, the waiter will ask, “and for you, monsieur?” or in America, “and for you, big daddy?”

I generally reply, “nothing for me thanks” or “I’ll just finish my wine.” Yet the waiter will ALWAYS bring two spoons (deux cuillère, en français) on the plate holding my wife’s dessert – one for her and presumably one for me, Mr. Moocher. I joke that when I order a pint of Guinness and Linda doesn’t, the waiter doesn’t bring her an empty glass – just in case. It’s strictly a dessert thing!

So while in Paris at the wonderful Creperie Beaubourg which sits between Saint Merry Chapel and the Pompidou, my wife orders this awesome chocolate dessert  (pictured.) This time, I think I want a bite or three, but the waiter delivers the dessert plate with … one spoon!

For this decadently delicious dark chocolate crêpe, we share a single cuillère d’amour!


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