A Warm and Fuzzy Day in Paris | Rick Steves’ Travel Blog

On my last day in Paris, I was met by my partner Trish (The Travelphile) — who took all the photos in this post — and we had a delightful afternoon simply enjoying the city’s hottest new spot: the pedestrianized embankment of the Seine. [ . . . ]

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Travel with Rick Steves: Best Chocolates in Europe & Holiday Travels

Rick Steves’ 12/17/2016 radio show left me in desperate need of a chocolate fix. Our upcoming summer trip to Brussels cannot come soon enough!

“Writers Jane and Michael Stern discuss wintertime comfort food served in America’s roadside restaurants, then food and culture expert Fred Plotkin explores the various kinds of chocolate available across Europe. And listeners share the experiences that made their Christmas vacations in Europe really special — plus we’ll hear how locals get into the Christmas spirit in Prague.”


Chanson Du Jour: “Viper’s Dream”

The Chanson Du Jour for 10/13/2016: Birelli Legrene’s “Viper’s Dream”

This is one of the great “reefer” songs of the many written in the ’30s and ’40s (Minnie the Moocher, If You’re a Viper, Hong Kong BluesViper’s Dream was composed by Fletcher Allen and made popular in 1935 by Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France. In the clip below, Birelli Legrene performs the song live at a 2002 jazz festival. Legrene is one of the leading current practitioners of the jazz manouche gypsy guitar style that Django Reinhardt invented.

Speaking of reefer – travel guru Rick Steves is touring Massachusetts this week in support of the state’s referendum, Question 4, to legalize recreational marijuana. Check it out