“Rodin” – a film by Jacques Doillon

In Paris, 1880, forty-year-old Auguste Rodin at last receives his first state commission: The Gates of Hell, a sculptural group work composed of many figures, some of which would be the basis of free-standing sculptures that would later bring him fame, such as The Kiss and The Thinker. At the time, he shares his life with Rose, his longtime companion. He meets young Camille Claudel, his most talented student, who quickly becomes his assistant, then his mistress. Ten years of passion, but also of mutual admiration and complicity. After their break-up, Rodin relentlessly pursues his work, coping with the rejection and the enthusiasm provoked by the sensuality of his sculptures, and with his Balzac, rejected during his lifetime, he creates the uncontested departure point of modern sculpture | More at UniFrance

Hidden for a century, a bronze Camille Claudel will be auctioned

An exceptional auction will take place on June 11th at the Chateau d’Artigny in Indre-et-Loire: a sculpture by Camille Claudel, which remained for more than a century hidden in a closet and discovered last April. It is a bronze copy of “La Valse”, a work that caused scandal at the time because of its intense sensuality. There is no doubt that this sculpture will make waltz the auction.[ . . . ]

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