Confinement Sessions: Volo

On the occasion of the release of their new album With his brother at At-Home, Le Cargo! puts the spotlight on Volo , a French duo made up of two brothers whose songs, both touching and militant, succeed in bringing together a loyal and ever-growing audience.

We should have filmed the Volos a few months earlier. We had an appointment in Montreuil, in the room where they were playing that evening. It happened at Mains D’euvres , in St Ouen, so very far from the meeting place, that we thought that the room was particularly quiet for a day of concert. So we managed to plant a shoot for the first time in over 1000 sessions. But today we have a meeting in Paris, towards Pigalle, rue Lepic, a street that will forever be linked to the greatest defender of French song, the late Jean Meyrand . In a Volo friend’s apartment, thank you to him for the welcome, we find the two brothers that we involuntarily put in the same configuration as during their first session for the Cargo! toured by Micky . A sofa, a light here in chiaroscuro, a communicative complicity and humor and songs. Songs with poetic lyrics, committed, which aim just, with a certain modesty. Beautiful songs that can be found in their new album which has just been released and which is a great morale booster.

Source: Videos: Volo, Acoustic Session # 1068


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