Acoustic Session: Oum ‘Lik”

Courtesy of Le Cargo

The neighborhood is still very lively and multicultural, as we approach the New Morning, one of Paris mythical venues. While we park our bike outside, we learn that we are a little early, or the others a little late, depending on the point of view. The entrance of Studio Bleu is packed, there’s an audition taking place later. A few seconds later we enter the confined space of a large studio. The majestic figure of Oum rise above her seven musicians. The Moroccan singer is rehearsing for her gig at the festival Au Fil des voix. We find ourselves a spot out of the way to listen and watch discreetly. It’s always a privilege to see artists working.

After two songs, we can start setting up for the Cargo ! session. The idea was to keep it simple, with Oum and just two musicians, but we can see than the singer would love to play with all her talented musicians. Of course we’re on board with this new plan, we’ll make it work with the gear we have, we’ll improvise. With this talented bunch, it’s nothing difficult, the musicians find their place instinctively around Oum to create a nice acoustic balance, they play at the right volume so that every instrument can be heard, without drowning the vocals.

We shoot two songs, like we did last time. It’s a simple, delightful moment, filled with great music and laughters. We thought we’d have a hard time recording propely so many musicians, so many different instruments. But in the head it goes smoothly and we can enjoy this beautiful performance Oum and her musicians are offering us.Thanks to Mounir, Oum and her musicians

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Video by Renaud de Foville (

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