Shame The best Camembert in the world is … Quebecois!

It’s a scandal, a fraud. The jury was bought, necessarily. Or it’s a defeat, shameful and stinging.

[google translation] The World Championship Cheese contest was held March 6-8, in the United States, in the state of Wisconsin. A competition that is appreciated by cheese lovers as much as by dairy professionals, this competition has dedicated the best products in the world. Obviously, the French producers did not miss to be at the rendezvous. They even won a few rewarding medals. But it must be admitted: they have also failed … Yes, yes, almost. By letting another nation of eaters stinking dripping tricks win a category that normally should not escape us, that of camembert  [ . . . ]

Read more of this SHAMEFUL story at: Shame The best Camembert in the world is … Quebecois! – Vsd

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