Police violence: “What Camélia Jordana says is obvious, it is the astonishment she meets which is astonishing”

Invited to France 2 on Saturday May 23, the singer and actress Camélia Jordana denounced the police violence at work in France, arousing a very hostile reaction from the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner but also from several police unions. Documentary filmmaker and writer David Dufresne, specialist in police violence, returns to the Inrockuptibles on this sequence and what it says about maintaining order today in France.

What did you think of the intervention of Camélia Jordana, who explained on France 2 that “there are thousands of people (including herself) who do not feel safe in the face of a cop”  ?

David Dufresne – I think she expresses the obvious, and what is surprising is the astonishment that her intervention provides: for the past thirty years, we have witnessed a confrontation between the police and part of the population , brutalization of this confrontation. Police violence is today a subject of society and, in a certain way, the sequence of Saturday evening is a bit the coronation of that: that a program as harmless as ONPC addresses this question is all the same the sign that there is a real debate that must open. For years now, Continue reading “Police violence: “What Camélia Jordana says is obvious, it is the astonishment she meets which is astonishing””


Watch full concert: Camélia Jordana

Camélia Jordana a un credo : “prouver que l’on peut sortir d’une émission populaire et faire de la vraie musique”. Propulsée sur le devant de la scène grâce à La Nouvelle Star, la chanteuse a vite su s’entourer de la crème de la chanson française. Cette famille de coeur – composée notamment de Matthieu Boogaerts, Babx et Raphaële Lannadère – est à l’origine de Camélia, un premier album ayant charmé public et critique. Quelques années plus tard, elle nous ravie de nouveau avec Dans la peau, opus pour lequel Camélia s’est mise à l’écriture. Des chansons qui explorent les thèmes de l’amour et du voyage, où la voix de jeune femme change d’âge au grès des mots. Après avoir mis à l’épreuve ses talents de comédienne pour le grand et le petit écran, l’artiste a récemment brillé dans Mimi – une relecture de La Bohème de Puccini mise en musique par Frédéric Verrières et mise en scène par Guillaume Vincent. De quoi convaincre les plus récalcitrants.

Live at Vanves – Decembre 2014
00:00 Comment lui dire
04:56 Madi
10:09 La fuite
14:56 Brigitte dit vrai
19:27 Miramar
23:14 Illégale
27:10 Sarah sait
32:52 Dans la peau
37:23 A l’aveuglette
42:23 Moi c’est
46:25 Colonel chagrin
50:27 Ma gueule
55:36 Retrograde (James Blake cover)
59:23 Jeune homme
01:02:59 Berlin
01:06:50 J’aime l’orage

Chanson Du Jour: The Tuileries

Camélia Jordana & Bertrand Belin – The Tuileries

Poem by Victor Hugo set to music by Colette Magny.
December 8, 2013 at the 50th anniversary of France-Inter.

We are two funny
To the broad shoulders,
Merry bandits,
Knowing to laugh and beat,
Eating like four,
Drinking like ten.

When, emptying the liters,
We bump to the windows of
the estaminet,
The bourgeois deforms
Tremble in uniform
Under his big bonnet.

We live. In short,
We are an honest man,
We are not a spy.
We go on Sunday,
with Lise or Blanche,
Dinner with Richard.

We live without shelter,
greedily and quickly,
Like the sparrow, Raising
our whims
Until the singers
From Bobino.

Life is diverse,
We brave the shower
That wets our skins;
Still in ribotes
Having few boots
And no hats.

We have drunkenness,
Love, youth, Lightning
in our eyes,
Frightful fists;
We are devils,
We are gods!

Our two seigniaries
Go to the Tuileries To
stroll willingly,
And to say things
To the pink maids
Under the chestnut trees.

Beneath the green shadows Desert
We wander in the evening,
Water is leaking, the roofs smoke,
The chandeliers light up,
In the black castle.

Our soul collects
What the sheet says
At the end of the day,
The air that a gnome sings.
And, Place Vendome,
The sound of the drum.

The white statues
Pretty little clothed,
Discover their breast,
And make us signs
Whose swans dream
On the great basin.

O Rome! O City!
Annibal, quiet,
About us , schoolboys,
Fixing his vague eyes,
Shows us the rings
Of his knights.

The terrace is brown.
As the moon
fills it with clarity, with
shadows and lies

Camelia Jordana and Gaël Faure – Concert by candlelight

Discover Camelia Jordana like you’ve never seen with this concert in the intimate atmosphere! Revealed to the public through the show Nouvelle Star in 2009, Camelia Jordana continued her career alternating solo album and artistic collaboration.She is accompanied here by singer and guitarist Gaël Faure.

Watch the concert at: VIDEO. Camelia Jordana and Gaël Faure – Concert by candlelight