Yael Naim “Ima”

The Hebrew lyrics translate:
“Mommy’s not afraid,
mommy only loves,
mommy’s here at the edge of the day,
mommy’s here to stay,
just like in a dream,
beauty and innocence,
and forever you belong,
come here my little one, let us now breathe,
from within me you’re creating”

Happy Mother’s Day – M. Pas de Merde

Chanson Du Jour: Ima

I am listening to a lot of Yael Naim of late, and I was excited to find this video of Yael performing with New Orleans-based cellist (playing the banjo here)  Leyla McCalla, formerly of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I love this tune – the only song on Naim’s album “Older” where she sings in Hebrew. Naim was born in Paris in 1978. When she was 4, her family immigrated to Israel and settled in Ramat Hasharon. In May 2004, she decided to settle permanently in Paris.

Chanson Du Jour: Yael Naim with Leyla McCalla – “Ima” 

Yael Naim Coming to New York City’s Highline Ballroom 12/8

Eight years ago, Steve Jobs handpicked one of the most unlikely songs to soundtrack an Apple spot. Whimsical and modest, Yael Naïm’s folk-pop “New Soul” was more willfully analog than tech-savvy. But mostly, it was catchy-catapulting around the globe, from the northern and southern to eastern and western hemispheres. In the U.S. alone, it sat on three Billboard charts: the Hot 100, Adult Alternative, and Adult Top 40. “It was,” Naïm says sweetly, “a miracle.” [ . . .  ]

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