Chanson Du Jour – 10/11/2016

Bertrand Belin with Feu! Chatterton: “O Marie!”

I hadn’t revisited Daniel Lanois’ 1989 “Acadie” in quite some time, so I was pleased to run across this live clip of Lanois’ O Marie performed by Bertand Belin and Feu! Chatterton.

Lanois, a French Canadian living in New Orleans, is best known as a record producer (Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, U2, Emmylou Harris.) His debut solo album “Acadie” had a handful of terrific songs, some sung in French like Jolie Louise and O Marie.

Bertand Belin (a new favorite) has the perfect voice for Lanois’ cozy Québécois/cajun ambience, while the guy who leads the band Feu! Chatterton adds an excellent mustache.

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