Coeur De Pirate “Ne m’appelle pas”

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This “spooky” lo-fi version of “Ne m’appelle pas” was shot by Matt Charland at the Quebec home of Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur De Pirate.

This acoustic piano version is a soulful take on the Montréalaise singer’s 2019 single, an upbeat dance tune with an irresistible hook. – Frenchly

Bravo! Trudeau announces Canada is banning assault-style weapons

Move comes after murder of 22 people in worst mass shooting in Canada’s history

Canada has banned assault-style weapons following the murder of 22 people in the worst mass shooting in the country’s history, Justin Trudeau announced on Friday. Continue reading “Bravo! Trudeau announces Canada is banning assault-style weapons”

Trudeau: Canada will pay recent college grads

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to the press about the latest coronavirus updates in Canada. Trudeau has announced a new fund called the Canada Emergency Student Benefit aimed at helping recent college graduates in Canada get into the workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible students will receive $1,250 a month for four months, and students with disabilities will receive $1,750 a month. In his briefing yesterday, Trudeau acknowledged how many university students were not eligible for benefits under the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, and said that ‘right now, you might be worried about how to make ends meet. You probably can’t work your normal job, and that might be a big problem for rent or groceries… This benefit is designed for you.’

The Coolest French Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Because it seems there is never a shortage of creative talent among the French.

Whether on the runway, in the kitchen or in the artist’s studio, it appears as though there is never a shortage of creative talent among the French. Monet, Jean-Luc Goddard, Coco Chanel; just to name a few who have pioneered some of the greatest artistic movements of our time. Decades later, they continue to inspire the rest of the world with their innovation. As social distancing is confining us to our homes, it’s becoming increasingly hard to monitor screen time while staying entertained. For that reason, L’Officiel USA created a streamlined list of the coolest French creatives to follow on Instagram that will make your feed-scrolling all the more fun and inspiring.


The pun on her Instagram handle is only the tip of the iceberg (Roman Polanski anyone?). Get ready for some vibrant, coloful, aesthetically-pleasing and funny content. She’s a photographer, video maker, and graphic designer, but mostly, she describes herself as a visual artist. This Paris-native creative director is full of personality and her account is anything but dull.


Although she is from Montreal (probably the North American city where the French feel the closest to home) this French-Canadian singer began her career as a model but turned to music after realizing modeling wasn’t her calling. Don’t let her doll-like features and big blue eyes fool you. Charlotte Cardin’s voice has a fragility, depth and soulfulness to it that makes her a singer of her own kind.


She’s the global beauty director of Estée Lauder and a world-renown makeup artist famous for her “bushy-brow” and “natural makeup” looks. If you like makeup but cut-creases, bold lip looks and a hint of home decor inspiration, Violette has the perfect account to give a follow.



Picture endless fields of daisies and poppies, Icelandic hot spings, sand deserts, and young girls dressed in white linens idling beneath trees. These are the kinds of visuals to expect from Betina du Toit, the Paris-based photographer whose work will lull you into a faraway universe. Born near Cape Town, South Africa, du Toit captures the quintessential in “an endless attempt to re-capture the fleeting moment when all elements come together.”


Paris-born, LA-bred Sonia is more than just a pretty face. The French fashion model, actress and singer is a true multihyphenate whose talents can be hard to keep up with. Her most recent work includes a newly-released single with Black Atlas that we currently have on repeat.


Former Dazed and Confused fashion editor, now, a freelance stylist and brand consultant Celestine Cooney has worked for the likes of Acne and Simone de Rocha. Her Salvador-Dali-meets-high fashion aesthetic is what sets Cooney apart from other stylists.


This well-known French couple share travel tips, fashion picks (which often include matching outfits) and let us into their Parisian daily life. Their shared Instagram account started 5 years ago, while the couple were living in Los Angeles with the desire to share their every day life after moving far from home, friends and family. They write on their website “Given the enthusiasm of our readers, we decided to pursue this adventure back home in Paris.”


Malika Favre is French but lives between London and Barcelona and her work has graced covers of The New Yorker and has been featured in Vogue. Her bold, minimal, style is often compared to pop art and she has become one of UK’s most sought-after graphic designers.


Born to a French mother and an Algerian father, Lolo Zouai, a 25-year-old singer released her debut album High Highs to Lows Lows , last year and has toured alongside side Dua Lipa during her Future Nostalgia tour. Her Instagram features not only her behind-the-scenes music recording process, but also her infectious love of dalmatians and the famed Pokémon, Jigglypuff.


Pomme, a French singer, with serious style refers to herself as “half pixie, half human”. Her Instagram gives you a taste of her music which is the perfect blend between pop and folk and is definitiely worth checking out for both your next playlist, and outfit inspiration.

Source: The Coolest French Creatives to Follow on Instagram – L’Officiel

Gonzo in Vienne

By Michael Stevenson

“Let me hear your balls, Vienne!”

On June 29, I was among the lucky 7000 concert-goers gathered in Theater Antiques to behold piano man Chilly Gonzales perform at the 2019 Vienne Jazz Festival. Jazz à Vienne has been celebrating the world of jazz since 1981. The festival has a variety of concerts and different stages – the grandest being the Roman theater, built in 1 AD.

As the show started, most of us sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in the arena were fanning ourselves with our programs, as the temps rose over 110 degrees before the sun went down. Chilly, it was not. But the performer nicknamed “Gonzo” cooled the audience with his humor, original songs and an impressive array of piano styles – not strictly jazz, but also blues, classical and his own uniquely “Gonzo” flavorings.

Between songs, Gonzo joked with the audience in both french and english. His french dialect has a Montreal flavor (he was born there). And I detected a slight Brooklynese present in his English – especially when he commanded the audience of clap-a-longs to follow the beat by watching “my fucking foot!” The sweaty crowd in the ancient arena laughed and sang, and most of of us stayed on the beat of his bouncing bedroom slipper.

Gonzales, whose (birth name is Jason Charles Beck, has collaborated with artists Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Peaches, Drake and Daft Punk.

In 2018, Gonzales launched his own music school. According to his Wikipedia entry, “musicians from around the world joined him to study at The Gonzervatory, an 8-day all-expenses-paid residential music performance workshop in Paris. The workshop included coaching sessions with Gonzo, followed by masterclasses from Gonzales’ friends and collaborators.” Cool!

Vienne’s Roman Theatre was built in 40-50AD and seen as the largest in Roman Antiquity

I actually came to see Gozo in Vienne quite by accident. I had purchased tickets to see Camille perform in the “Up Above My Head” collaboration, which was actually the previous night in Vienne, but I had confused dates (as I often do when on a lengthy European vacation.) So while I was quite depressed about screwing-up and missing my favorite French chanteuse Camille, Gonzo pulled me out of my funk with his wonderful show. It’s always great to see someone completely new in concert and to become an immediate fan. C’est moi!

I’d also like to note how helpful the Vienne Tourist office was, as well as the Jazz à Vienne ticket manager, who granted my wife and I free replacement tickets to see the Chilly Gonzales show after I explained how we confused our dates. As has consistently been our experience, the French people were gracious and accommodating to we stumbling and fumbling travelers.

Merci beaucoup, Vienne and Gonzo.