Five Places to Dine in Paris With the Author of ‘Let’s Eat France’

4 Paris Restaurants That Are Secretly Affordable 

How to tuck into a divine meal in Paris without forking over a fortune? Stick to lunch. These 4 ambitious neighborhood bistros offer 3-course midday meals for 25 euros or less.

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Source: 4 Paris Restaurants That Are Secretly Affordable – WSJ

The 15 Hottest New Restaurants in Paris

Today, Eater returns to Paris to check in on the newest and buzziest dining destinations in France’s restaurant-rich capital. Once again, longtime resident and food writer Alexander Lobrano selects his picks for the unmissable openings of the past 12 months.

“This year’s most eagerly anticipated new restaurant in Paris hasn’t opened yet — Maison by Sota Atsumi, who won rave reviews for his exquisitely creative contemporary French cooking while chef at Clown Bar,” says Lobrano. “But the dining scene here is still sizzling.” He adds that Paris has never been more gastronomically cosmopolitan than it is right this minute, with menus spotlighting cuisines from around the world (Double Dragon, Ibrik Kitchen, Piero TT) like never before, while also placing renewed focus on the cooking of France’s own diverse regions, from Nice to Gascony and beyond (Baieta, Marsan).

For Paris’s essential stalwarts, head to the Paris 38, and for an even more comprehensive look at the City of Light, check out Eater’s Guide to Paris. But here now, the Eater Heatmap to Paris.

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