Francis Cabrel intimate: his confidences on his adopted daughter

Guest of 50 ‘Inside on the occasion of the release of his new album, Francis Cabrel has agreed to say a few words about his family. The singer spoke of Thiu, his daughter adopted in 2004 in Vietnam and the emotion felt that day.

A beloved but discreet singer, Francis Cabrel has just made his comeback with the album At the Returning Dawn . The public was there for this opus which was certified gold in just over a week. Guest of 50 ‘Inside this Saturday, October 31 to talk about his return to music, Mariette’s husband took the opportunity to say a few words about his family . Francis Cabrel is the father of Aurélie, Manon and Thiu. The latter, aged 16, was adopted in Vietnam in 2004 , and he dedicated the song Mademoiselle l’Aventure , released in 2008 to her.

In this title which was on his album Des roses et des netties , Francis Cabrel put words on this adoption and the emotion felt. “ She (the song) says something very intimate ,” he reminded Nikos Aliagas. And to continue: “ The first year when I sang this song, I didn’t dare to have the light on me because I didn’t know if I would manage to go to the end. It’s an important song . ” Rather modest. , the artist admitted all the same: ” The arrival of each of my children was something very strong and it was indeed of particular circumstance .”

“Overwhelmed by emotion”

This song, Mademoiselle l’Aventure, is special for Francis Cabrel, but he nevertheless had no difficulty in writing it. ” I didn’t think for a second, I even remember the song came in two or three days I was so carried and overwhelmed with emotion , ” he revealed in 50 ‘Inside . ” These are the things that have to be done. It’s a very big decision to adopt . It assumes that you tear someone away from their land as well, so you must not make a mistake, and you must be sure of yourself. as for the life we ​​want to offer him , “he concluded. A beautiful declaration of love, in music.

Source: Francis Cabrel intimate: his confidences on his adopted daughter – Gala


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