French chefs could be forced to present diners with ‘doggy bags’ 

France could force all restaurants to provide doggy bags in an attempt to cut down on waste and overcome traditional Gallic resistance to taking food home after eating out.The radical plan to make “le doggy bag” compulsory in restaurants, bistros and cafes has been adopted by a parliamentary committee in an amendment to a wider food bill, which will be debated next month.The overall aim is to halve food waste by 2025 [ . . . ]

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French Ranks No. 1 For Sustainable Eats

This new study puts the country at No. 1.

We’ve long admired the French for their food philosophy, breezy approach to beauty, and genius self-care routines. And according to a new report, we should envy their commitment to sustainability, too.

France ranked No. 1 overall on this year’s Food Sustainability Index(FSI), developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit with the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation. The FSI analyzed 34 of the world’s most developed nations to see how they stacked up on food waste, sustainable agriculture, and nutrition.

With an overall ranking of 74.79, France took home the gold, due in large part to its commitment to fighting food waste. Last year, [ . . . ] More: French Ranks No. 1 For Sustainable Eats – mindbodygreen