Tatihou Festival: concerts on an island cut off from the world

Un festival musical au gré de la clémence des marées. C’est ainsi que se résume le festival de Tatihou dans la Manche, inauguré mercredi 28 août.

A mile and a half separates Tatihou from Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue in the English Channel . At high tide, the 28-hectare island dominated by a Vauban tower is cut off from the world. At the Reville campsite, lovers of the Tatihou festival meet every year. When the sea begins to retreat, they put on proper clothing and shoes and go on a procession to Tatihou Island. The crossing lasts between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the pace of walking. A strange transhumance in the middle of oyster beds discovered by the tide.

Dazzled artists

Scottish singer Julie Fowlis is dazzled by this human tide. She is from the Hebrides. ” It’s really beautiful, I have a lot of songs rooted in the life of the islands, songs that talk about the sea, life at the seaside, with the sea, so I feel like home here “, she explains. The concerts are organized between two tides, which leaves about three hours. Under the marquee with 1,200 seats, the magic operates.

2012 video

Watch France2 Video: Festival de Tatihou : des concerts sur une île coupée du monde


What’s on in October

Montmartre vendange, Paris, October 11-15
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Paris music festivals 2017

It might not quite have the international clout of London or Berlin, but Paris is no musical slouch: from the legendary jazz clubs to the thriving independent and underground music scenes, plus some seriously sharp record stores, there’s everything here for the connoisseur. In recent years, the number of music festivals has mushroomed too – both French outposts of international big hitters like Pitchfork, and cutting-edge homegrown treats like We Love Green and Weather Festival. Covering almost any genre you like, each one is well worth a look, and perhaps a trip if you’re coming from abroad. [ . . . ]

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