Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid

The theater of Croix-Rousse in Lyon poses both feet in the legend of the American Great West with “Calamity / Billy”. Claron McFadden and Bertrand Belin form a terribly attractive duo. At the helm of this musical tale, Jean Lacornerie and Gérard Lecointe plunge into the scabrous universe of these two emblematic figures. After Lyon, the show will tour all over France.

A mother and a kid: Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid, two founding figures of the American myth. Two bad guys who are dear to us, desperados and so human. From her, we know the letters to her daughter, clumsy, loving … And apocryphal. From the terrible child, there remain documents, police reports, testimonies of which Michael Ondaatje drew a poetic work. It is for them, and around these writings, to tell their tragic destinies that meet some great figures of the music of today.


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