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BRUSSELS (AP) — Next time you raise a glass of Belgian beer, rest assured: It’s a cultural experience.UNESCO added Belgian beer to the list of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” on Wednesday.Belgium is known throughout the world for its wide array of tastes, from extreme sour to bitter, produced in just about every city and village across the west European nation of 11 million people. The history of Belgian suds stretches back centuries to medieval monks and has been celebrated in paintings by Pieter Brueghel and in countless songs since [ . . . ]

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Is This Man the Dr. Frankenstein of Beer? 

In a Belgium lab, one scientist is tweaking a more efficient, super-powered yeast — but brewers are turning their backs

Through the winding hallways of the centuries-old University of Leuven in Flanders, Belgium, past the sterile black counters in biological laboratories, buried in the depths of freezers, and suspended in cryogenic slumber, there sleeps a creature feared by the masses.

It’s small — microscopic, in fact — but it packs a punch. The creature is barred from entering certain laboratories in the United States to safeguard against contamination. It’s feared by the general public as an abomination of nature, an organism whose critics say it was created by the hands of man playing god. The creature is the target of lobbyists and NGOs that would like nothing more than for it to be destroyed. But, is this creature — actually a manmade strain of yeast, a single-celled organism humans have been cultivating for at least 7,000 years — just misunderstood?

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Beer, bière, bier 

Next summer, my wife and I will be visiting Belgium for the first time. Linda loves chocolate and waffles. I have been known to enjoy an occasional beer. Sang the Ink Spots, “My prayer, is to linger with you, at the end of the day, in a dream that’s divine.” It will be something like that. We’re coming, chocolate, waffles and beer. We’re coming. [ – Pas De Merde – ]

In Belgium, beer (bière in French, bier in Flemish but said just like beer in English) is an institution. As much as the Mannekin Pis (terribly disappointing and underwhelming) and frites (delicious in every which way), beer is an integral part of Belgian identity (…)

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A CH Belgium Beer Drinker’s Tale 

Asleep at the Keyboard went to Belgium and drank a lot. Here’s his report.

Our last brewery tour was at Cantillion as my friend convinced me I needed to see a lambic brewery. Aside from a walk-in cooler and 3 new bright tanks for fruit beers, there did not seem to be a single bit of equipment that was less than 50 years old! It was amazing to see canvas belt driven pumps, mash paddles, grain mills, etc. The crowning masterpiece was the riveted copper coolship which gleamed like new!

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Naptown Pint: A trip to Belgium is a reminder of our roots

Before coming here, I already had a healthy love and respect for the European brewing tradition that laid the foundation for what we make and sell stateside today. Farmhouses, sours, dubbels, tripels, quads, saisons, witbiers, lambics, gueuzes… they all got their start in Europe, many of them long before the idea of America even existed.But as I sat at a table at Brouwerij De Halve Maan — brouwerij is Belgian for brewery, by the way — sipping on my personal favorite of theirs, the Straffe Hendrick Wild (available in the U.S.), it struck me how much we, as Americans, take the European brewing tradition for granted.

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