Les Rita Mitsouko “Marcia Baila”

“Marcia Baïla” is a 1984 song recorded by the French duo Rita Mitsouko. It was the third single from their first album, Rita Mitsouko, and was released in April of that year. Dedicated to a dancer with the band who died in 1981, this song was a big hit both in France and abroad and can be considered as being one of the band’s signature songs.

Controversy, flock of presenters, show … What to expect from the 35th Victoires de la Musique?

Catherine Ringer, Alain Souchon and Angèle all aim for the title of "artist of the year
Catherine Ringer, Alain Souchon and Angèle all aim for the title of “artist of the year

Cette année, une édition particulière attend artistes et spectateurs. Moins de catégories, plus de présentateurs et de musique live. Programme.

Friday evening at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt will be held the 35th Victories of Music ceremony . This year marks a real split with the previous editions in terms of content and many artists are expected. Here is everything you need to know about this event celebrating French-language music production.

Five categories are sidelined

For several years, artists could stand out and hope to win a trophy in categories representing their style. This year, it may get slightly complicated. The number of categories has been reduced from thirteen to eight, bringing together the different styles (rap, urban, rock, electro, world) under the single name of best album. The number of selected has increased from three to five per category. In addition, all the selected artists will perform on stage, whereas previously only the winners had this privilege.

More presenters than laureates

This year, France Télévision has decided to work hard to ensure the show. If on the one hand all the artists will perform, the in-between will not be outdone. Eleven animators were invited to pass the dishes live on February 14. In addition to the inevitable Michel Drucker, we are talking about Sophie Davant, Faustine Bollaert, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, Laurent Ruquier, Julian Bugier, Stéphane Bern, Bruno Guillon, Leïla Kaddour and Cyril Feraud. Without forgetting the incontrovertible Daphne Bürki. The Victoires de la Musique will therefore succeed this year in the tour de force of having more presenters than laureates.

Angela’s year

In 2019, the young Belgian has definitely established herself as a major figure in song. With her album Brol, then her reissue Brol, La Suite, Angèle Van Laeken has not ceased to shine, as evidenced by the Diamond records won. A committed feminist, it was with her song Balance ton quoi and the resulting clip directed by Charlotte Abramow that she was named for the best audiovisual creation. In 2019, Angèle is also a gigantic tour through France, Belgium, Canada and the United States, dozens of dates and shows full of energy that may earn her the prize for the “best concert” “. It is all these things that make the 24-year-old young woman in the running for the “female artist” of the year, and despite the strong competition from Clara Luciani and Catherine Ringer,

Choices that are controversial

The decision to remove gender categories is a difficult pill for some to accept . “Opening up was the way to be less Franco-French. It’s extraordinary, because at the moment the American and English charts are opening up to music from everywhere, “ regretted DJ Martin Meissonnier, producer of world music. “It is part of a systematic invisibility of gender” according to Éloïse Bouton, journalist and founder of Madame Rap, a media dedicated to women in hip-hop. “It’s a stab to rock, it’s like saying” we no longer have time to take risks “, because rock takes time”,deplores Julien Hohl, director of the Deaf Rock label and manager of the Last Train group. Musical styles are not the only ones to speak. The lack of ethnic diversity has largely reacted. “When we look at the list of nominees, we look in vain for a diversity of colors,” regrets saxophonist Manu Dibango. “Someone decided that it might be a little too colorful and that we had to come back to something whiter,” said Jacob Desvarieux, founding member of the Kassav group ‘.

All nominated by category

Male artist:

Philippe Katerine
Alain Souchon

Female Artist:

Clara Luciani
Catherine Ringer

Revelation Scene:

Aloïse Sauvage

Revelation Album:

The Faults –
Maëlle Apple – Maëlle
Temperaments – Malik Djoudi


Âme Fifties – Alain Souchon
Confessions – Philippe Katerine
Jeannine – Lomepal
The wandering stars: expansion – Nekfeu
Panorama – Vincent Delerm

Original song:

Go rest – Boulevard des Airs feat. Vianney
C’est va ça vient – Vitaa et Slimane
Nue – Clara Luciani
Presque – Alain Souchon
Stone with you – Philippe Katerine


Both Sides – Jeanne Added
Brol Tour – Angèle
Le grand petit Concert – -M-

Audiovisual creation:

Balance ton quoi – Angèle
Live les Vieilles Canailles – Les Vieilles Canailles

Source: Controversy, flock of presenters, show … What to expect from the 35th Victoires de la Musique?

Catherine Ringer: “I don’t like people to know what I think and what I do”

For forty years, the songs of Rita Mitsouko have accompanied us. Today, Catherine Ringer is named as female artist of the year at the Victoires de la Musique for her tour. Catherine Ringer sings Les Rita Mitsouko , which brings together sentimental crowds. Interview with a great secret.

She shakes hands, firmly. Rehearsals have just ended at Studio Bleu, adjoining the New Morning, in the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis district, in Paris. She asks where we are going, the Napoleon? All right, let’s go. But first, she shows us the dancers’ changing rooms, because she loves dancing, firmly there too. We feel assured and fierce, shy and brave. We were warned here and there that Catherine Ringer was no small task. But there was no doubt, from the broken tooth, the strapless dress marked Jean Paul Gaultier in the clip by Marcia Baïla , the unstructured haircuts, the explosive voice, the shimmering clothes, the gesture mixing flamenco with jerky expressions. and robotics, the clash with Gainsbourg on the sofa, the past X.

The Rita Mitsouko, this clever mix of genres, duo of whimsical lovers and pranksters born in 1979, evoking Sailor and Lula as much as Gomez and Morticia Addams, Almodóvar’s movida than the punk of dirty caves, their heads constantly immersed in a vast musical well, without censorship or constraint, digging up sounds to better hack new, creating immense tubes like Marcia Baïla , Andy and C’est comme ça , stacking the levels of readings, seizing the clip format from the start with Philippe Gautier and Jean-Baptiste Mondino, falling in love with free figuration with Robert Combas and Di Rosa, appearing in Soigne ta droite(1987) de Godard, taking care of the funny face and the zinzin, the irony and the mockery, solid because riveted to each other, with some crashes all the same here and there.

Forty years after their formation, thirteen years after the death of Fred Chichin, Catherine Ringer publishes the complete reissue of the Rita Mitsouko, nine albums with new releases and two legendary films shot by Roland Allard in Moscow ( Breakdown in the Cold War, 1989) and in Bombay ( La Vie du rail, 1990). And is named to the Victoires de la musique 2020 in the female artist of the year category. She does not like to tell herself very much, out of a taste for mystery and a certain posture, perhaps also because it is hard to describe the atypism of their tandem in the French rock landscape, from India and halo of success, poetic and stupid of scenes, cartoonesque and follower of the autopastiche. The Rita, quite simply.


You are nominated for the Victoires de la Musique in the female artist of the year category. Do prices matter to you?

Catherine Ringer –  Yes and no. It’s nice to know that we are thinking of you, at the same time it is not fundamental. I wonder especially why Aya Nakamura is not there since it is she who has done everything for two years. She has fantastic life energy. His work on language and rhythm is very beautiful. And then I also said to myself: “Well, I am named as a female artist, but I would have liked to be named also for the best album of the year!”

It’s surprising that there are only men in this category, right?

Maybe it’s because they made the best albums of the year. We are not going to make the par everywhere everywhere anyway!

Does it swell you?

These are endless discussions. My first reaction is to say “Where does it end? How about half the young and half the old too ?! ”But I also know that there are glass ceilings to break. I have no definite answer.

Source: Catherine Ringer: “I don’t like people to know what I think and what I do” – Les Inrocks