Francis Cabrel, “addicted”, explains what he misses most during confinement

It’s hard to do without old habits during confinement. Francis Cabrel confides in the microphone of RTL this April 10 on his addiction to Japanese food. He admits laughing, what he misses the most are sushi.

As France continues its fourth week of containment, the situation is starting to weigh on morale more and more. If the urgency of the pandemic calls to stay well at home, hard not to dream of his life before. This is the case of Francis Cabrel. The singer told RTL this April 10 morning and told journalist Anthony Martin what he misses most in this situation of isolation. In a burst of laughter, he dares to confess: “What I miss most is to go get me sushi.”

Currently confined to his residence in Lot-et-Garonne, he concedes, however: “It is true that we have good food since the local farmers are all market gardeners and that we have vegetables here and there, poultry (…), all the facilities of the campaign. “But for him, hard to do without his addiction to sushi: “I am addicted to Japanese food, he confesses. There I am deprived, well, it does not matter.”

Fabrice Cabrel, music to better live confinement

No way for him to be put down. While he spends his days with his wife, Mariette, with whom he has shared life for more than forty years , and one of their daughter, the singer posts videos in which we can especially see him singing. A nice touch for his fans who will have to wait before being able to discover the last album of the interpreter of Petite Marie. However, the 14 songs of the album are ready, but the current situation could well have consequences:“It needs to be properly finished, and then all the packaging that goes with it, which is of course in neutral.” The release was scheduled for October. His admirers hope that the date is still fixed.


Source: Francis Cabrel, “addicted”, explains what he misses most during confinement – Gala

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