Mackenzie Leighton – “Guillaume the Postman”

Cargo! Session Confinée #022 –

Most of the planet is in containment. France escapes it, no small village of Gaul which resists the invader. This time, we must all stay at home to help fight this virus, a global scourge. But the resistance to boredom, to time passing too slowly takes shape and the crew of the Cargo! offers you Confined Sessions . We are continuing the Cargo sessions but this time it is the artists who register at home with the means at hand and we share these moments with you on a daily basis we hope.

An American in Paris. Mackenzie also takes us back in time. When she sings, one has the impression of being in the interwar period, one has the impression of plunging into a bath of romanticism and sweetness. Her huge smile is a blessing, even more so now. The last time we saw Mackenzie she was on the stage of FGO Barbara , one of the last shows we’ve seen before containment. It is therefore a pleasure to have it with us for the Sweet and Honey Confined Session .

We ask the artists who participate in the Confined Sessions to advise us on a book, a film and a disc for this strange period that we are living. Here are Mackenzie’s tips  :

  • a film: The Goonies by Richard Donner .
  • a book: I’m reading Witches by Mona Chollet so I say that!
  • an album: All Mirrors by Angel Olsen


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